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The Soul of a Writer

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was much better than last week’s. It sucks when you have to spend it curled up on a sofa. The minion is really happy at college and so the world is right. Let’s see how I did last week after my sickness started to clear up.


*Continue with rough draft for Blessed Hearts.

*Work on character development for novella.

Didn’t touch either of these! Reason coming up…


*Continue working on Cursed Hearts.

*Re-read Rebel.

Bear with me a little longer and this will all be explained.

3) A FAVORITE LINE OR PASSAGE FROM MY STORY THAT SUMS UP WHAT I WROTE/REVISED: Colt, however, ignores my hesitation. He kisses me slowly with an intensity that’s dreamlike. My muscles unknot. The fear and unease I felt just moments ago is replaced by something akin to euphoria. I press my body closer to his. He breaks off the kiss.

“Why did you stop?” I touch my tingly lips.

“I identified your problem.”

[Conversation between Kelsie Martin and Colt Najex, an incubus|Cursed Hearts]

This passage is part of a scene between Kelsie and an older incubus named Colt. It’s new and part of a REWRITE on Cursed Hearts. Explanation coming…

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Growth and authenticity. Remember my word for 2017 is Authentic. I’m supposed to do things that are true to ME. Keep that in mind as you continue reading.

So, here’s an explanation of what’s going on. I’ve been waiting for nearly a month to get feedback from alpha readers/critique partners. It was slow in coming. I tried following the advice of “trusting my words.” So, I sent the manuscript to beta readers. Two people signed up and they loved it. Problem was I didn’t love it.

I kept turning the story over and over and couldn’t identify the issue. I thought maybe it was my anxiety. After all, it’s a new series and a different genre.

Fortunately, I heard from my critique partner. She gave me feedback but didn’t say how she felt about the story overall. So I asked. It was hard for her to say it, but she didn’t like it. She felt it was a step back from where my writing is NOW. She thought it might be because Cursed Hearts used to be a short story. Her words gave me food for thought. Either publish the story I had or push back the date and fix it.

Before I made a final decision, I chatted with another friend. She identified the issue right away. My writing has grown since I first penned the short story. It’s evolved and become stronger. The manuscript I wrote would have been suitable two books ago, before I published Rescue and Release. My style has changed since then. It’s not a bad thing.

So, I made the ultimate choice: push the release date back to February 28th. It requires using a new editor because my current one won’t be able to do it with this new timeline. It requires long hours at the computer rewriting this story, keeping the ESSENCE of the original story but putting a new spin on it. My authentic self, the real me, wasn’t comfortable with the story. Sure there would be people who might like the story, but I risked alienating those who were following my journey. Those people would have had a WTF moment, and wondered how long ago I wrote Kelsie’s story.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: By comparison, Blessed Hearts and its characters was fast becoming my favorite out of the two books. The characters are more complex and the story a little more involved. So, I’ve taken a cue from Blessed Hearts. I’ve introduced some of the basic information into Cursed Hearts. Readers get a glimpse at Cash and one of his friends. I’m giving more insight into the lifestyle of incubi and succubi. The story is deeper and the characters, I hope, a little more believable even if they are supernaturals. Kelsie’s also a stronger character. I think she might even be a little more likeable.

I knocked out nearly 12,000 words in two days. Any strong passages I’m reworking into the new manuscript. I’ve selected an editor who has promised to help me get this ready for publication on February 28th. I feel better about what I’m writing. The anxiety has vanished…for now. I’ve set up a schedule and should be able to have something ready for the editor by the end of the month.

No other news this week. I’ll be pulling the old version of Cursed Hearts off Wattpad soon. Look for a HeadTalker campaign mid-February along with a pre-order.

I’m feeding my soul with my continued reading of books from my TBR. I have three books I was requested to review and I’ll be squeezing those in.

I just want to say thanks for your patience!

Keep reading!

Keep following!

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