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Happy First Monday of 2017!

How was your celebration? We did our usual (watching the ball drop on television while eating deep fried shrimp and toasting with champagne). This year our 21-year-old joined in the toasting part. We had a lot of fun watching Pitbull and dancing to the music.

Let’s see how I finished off 2016…


*Finish this first round of revisions on Cursed HeartsDone. It’s with a couple of critique partners at the moment.

*Finish planning and plotting Blessed Hearts. Didn’t finish. Still working on it.

*Finish read through of Rebel. Done.


*Finish world-building for a new project (a novella for an anthology). This one is a magical rags to riches story.

*Finish first round revisions on Rebel.

*Start next round of revisions on Cursed Hearts.


The boy’s essence still lingers on my lips, his body gone cold. I exhale, crouching beside him on the wooden floor, and run my fingers through his silky blond hair. This curse I was born with sickens me. There’s something fundamentally wrong about taking what isn’t mine. It’s why I hate who I am and what I’m becoming. 

This is the new opening to Cursed Hearts. I think it does a better job at catching your interest than the previous short story. You get an idea of what Kelsie, the young succubus, goes through when she kills someone. You also get an idea of her personality (she’s not too crazy with her lot in life).

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Juggling. This year will be a busy schedule for me. The first two books of the year are scheduled for January and February. Release is all set. The pre-order is up and I’ve got all my promo pieces ready. In the next couple of days I should have the paperback loaded to Createspace. Cursed Hearts, which I’m working on, is the February book. Rebel, which I started re-reading last week, is scheduled for April. And on top of those three things, I’m working on planning and plotting an anthology story (a novella tentatively titled “All Things Dark & Magical”). The rough draft is due end of May. Can you say ‘busy’?

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: [All Things Dark & Magical] I spent New Year’s Day creating the world for this novella. My protagonist is a teenage boy who lives in a world where magic is forbidden unless the person has permission from a special guild. The approval only comes after ten years of training at a great expense. It’s something that only  interests the wealthy and social climbers. Everyone else chooses to practice magic in hiding. If caught, the guild can cast them into the Void (a vast wasteland guarded by a Gatekeeper). Magic always has a cost. In this story, practice magic and it darkens your soul. One thing I really like is the magic in Trevor’s world is inborn. There are two types of individuals who can be born with it. One type, the Murcurials, are the offspring of parents who constantly used magic. Their souls were so dark that it passed on to the children. Murcurial magic is dark and weak. Murcurials are always looking for ways to increase their powers. The other type, Celestines, are pure of heart and intent. Their parents never used their magic for evil and indulged infrequently. The souls of Celestines has been tainted but not to the extreme. Their magic is strong.

Although this is for a novella, I see a longer story developing.

News this week…

Be sure to pre-order Release for 99 cents! It comes out January 12th and the price will increase the next day.

If you haven’t read Regress and Rescue, you’ll get the chance to pick up eBook copies for only 99 cents each January 12 through January 17 from your favorite eTailers. I’ll be posting buy links the week of January 9.

How am I feeding my soul this week… I didn’t do much reading over the holidays. Both of these are on my nightstand.

That’s it for this week.

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