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Looking Back on the Year 2016

Wrap Up 2016

The Author Spotlight feature will be back in 2017. In it’s place I thought I’d take a moment to look back on 2016.

For me, dreams came true in 2016. I’d always dreamed of seeing my name on a cover of a book. Never did I imagine becoming a publisher and releasing my own books under my own imprint.

Avanturine Press

The first release for Avanturine Press was Regress, an upper YA dystopian set in 2025. It was a book born from a dream about cloning and pictures of abandoned properties in Detroit, Michigan.


Five months later, the next book, Rescue, released:


I didn’t fulfill my goal of three published books, but I did add a few anthologies to the mix:

I think the highlight of my journey in becoming an author was having Regress nominated for a Utopia award.

It was a great year for new faces and making new friends! I absolutely loved being able to attend Penned Con for the first time.


Of course, let’s not forget the FIRST book signing with my mom and my daughter at my side.


Let’s not forget the great books I’ve read (this doesn’t even cover the half of them):

Of course, 2016 included losses and changes. My daughter broke her shooting wrist (basketball player) ending her season prematurely. We lost countless celebrities and musicians. The country learned a lot about itself with an election that has to go into the history books.

I’m looking forward to greater things in 2017.

For me, there will be a new brand and new stories to tell.

Nadirah Foxx FB Banner

I have THREE book signing events scheduled!

Signing 2017

Three books for the Alliance Chronicles will be published!

Alliance Dates

I’m also planning two paranormal romance books, the Hearts Duology. Cursed Hearts is scheduled for February and Blessed Hearts is scheduled for April.

And at some point in 2017, the family will relocate back to the West coast. The CFO had a potential deal that we turned down at the last minute. It just wasn’t right for us. So, he’ll keep plugging away looking for the best option for us. Until that time, we have a home in Hotlanta.

Finally, our daughter will be a proud Trojan at Troy University next month where she’ll finish up her college education in Graphics.

No resolutions for me this coming year. Instead, I’m choosing a word to represent my aspirations and my goals.


That’s it for now. I’ll be writing more about Authenticity in future posts.

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