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Happy Monday! How was your Christmas? We were very blessed in my household. The biggest blessing? My daughter helped with all the meals for the day. We had a Christmas brunch and then, opened presents. I’m now the proud owner of my own set of Harry Potter hardback books, a Gryffindor crest journal and desk pen set. I also received some gorgeous new shoes (two pair).

Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals.


With this being a holiday week I’m only planning on doing the revisions for Cursed Hearts. I finished the read-through last week and did the first round of simple revisions. I’m currently using ProWritingAid software to do a deeper revision before sending it out to a critique partner for feedback. I have sixteen more chapters to revise for this first round. 


*Finish this first round of revisions on Cursed Hearts.

*Finish planning and plotting Blessed Hearts.

*Finish read through of Rebel.


Mother has never threatened to send me off to LSD, an evil boarding school attended by snobs and prima donnas. Graduates from there are the most twisted demons, casting spells and creating head trips for humans. My cousins—revenants, specters, and the like—who graduated from Lorelei’s are those loathsome creatures human’s can’t trust when the lights go out.

This passage is my little bit of humor. LSD stands for Lorelei’s School of Deviltry, a boarding school for the children of evil. Those things that go bump in the night don’t just enter the human world knowing how to spook us. They require training and that’s what Lorelei does. I have an idea for a series of books centered around the infamous school.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Endurance. I’m not a fan of revising. It lacks creativity, but it’s necessary. You can’t just write a rough draft and then publish it (at least you shouldn’t). It might take me three to five revisions before the draft turns into a manuscript ready for an editor. My hope is that Cursed Hearts will only need three revisions. We shall see.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: [Cursed Hearts] I love how I sprinkled breadcrumbs through this story. It easily links to the upcoming series, the BlackGuard Society, and the next book in the duology. The best part is that readers won’t have to read Cursed Hearts before Blessed Hearts. I add little snippets of details in each book. If you want more of that detail then, you’ll pick up the accompanying book.

No news this week.

How am I feeding my soul this week… I’m reading a couple of short novels.

That’s it for this week.

Keep reading!

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