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RELEASE DAY BLITZ: “The Sauvage Domicile” by Courtney Ruggles

Title: The Sauvage Domicile (The Domicile Series #3)

Author: Courtney Ruggles

Genre: New Adult Dystopian


The Revolution just entered the wild.

Q’s escape from the Vrai Domicile was supposed to be the final spark to ignite the people. But that spark was doused by a sacrifice that threatens to destroy her.

Now Q must forge a new path. Led deep into the woods to find the elusive Transients, she must not only protect those who escaped the Sixth Domicile with her, but also align with Transients who have their own plans of warfare. And their war calls for more death and destruction than Q ever thought possible.

As Q unites both Transient and Domicilian, she quickly realizes that even in the wilderness, no one is free. They must take the fight back to the Domicile. But this war brings with it more secrets, heartbreaking betrayals, and even worse sacrifices, as Q fights to protect her people from Elders who always seem to be one step ahead.

The face of the Revolution has changed. Q has entered the sauvage – a place she isn’t sure she can survive.

Book 3 in the Readers’ Favorite Domicile Series by Courtney Ruggles.

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Courtney Ruggles’ The Sauvage Domicile felt like “Hunger Games” meets “Divergent” meets “The Bourne Conspiracy”. It was a thrilling read full of danger for the main character, Q437B, and those who escaped with her. Lies are exposed and truths learned in this third book in the series.

I had moments when I just wanted to put the book down and scream ‘why’. The plot was unfolding faster than I wanted it to. To make matters worse, it veered onto a different track that I was unprepared for. By the end of the book, however, Ruggles turns things on its ear, literally, one more time. If you’re patient and stick with it until the end, you will be rewarded. I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief by the final chapter.

Ruggles continues to craft a well-written tale with characters that you will feel for (the reason why I became upset). The story is riveting and does make a reader think. The Elders did their best to create micro-worlds where people don’t have to overexert themselves making choices. They took care of all the decision making for those who lived within each domicile—what to wear, where to live, what to eat, who to marry, and what job to do. Only thing Domicilians had to do was exist. Q and her comrades are an example of what happens when free thinking is taken away. Sometimes people want more. Once they get a taste, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep it.

I highly recommend The Sauvage Domicile, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.




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