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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was fairly quiet and not so hot (thankfully!).

Last week turned into a normal work week thanks to Hurricane Matthew. I had to cancel my appearance at IBF 2016, but I’m looking forward to next year. As the saying goes, ‘everything happens for a reason’. Well, I was able to go ahead and book my table for Penned Con since I didn’t spend the money for Orlando.

Let’s see how I did with last week’s goals…


*Working on the rough draft of Cursed HeartsDone! I’ve completed 62% of the draft.

*Planning a new project, a horror story for another anthology. Done. Planned and plotted. I’ve also written 1,034 words so far (projected goal 10,000 words).

*More research on new brand project. Done. I’ve also planned and plotted this one.

*Try to finish planning NaNoWriMo project, RestoreDone. Planned and plotted.

Not added to this week because it was supposed to be a short week: my alien short story for an anthology submission. My story was accepted so I returned to work on it. It’s planned, plotted, and 2,194 words written so far (projected goal 15,000 words).


A lot to work on this week!

*Work on the draft for Cursed Hearts. Projected goal for the week: 6,048 words.

*Work on the draft for the horror story. Projected goal for the week: 2,324 words.

*Work on draft for the alien short story. Projected goal for the week: 1,491 words.


I close my eyes. My skin makes a popping noise as his fangs sink in. I feel a tug deep inside. All apprehension I had earlier disappears. My heart flutters. This time there’s no pain, only a burst of intense pleasure. A frenzied fire pulsates through my veins. It’s passionate and scary all at once.

I’m on the edge waiting for what feels like a much needed release, but it never comes. Instead, the feelings dissipate and I’m left with a cavernous longing.

Images of the happiest times in my life flash inside my mind—myself as a little girl playing with Mother, my first day of school, meeting Lena, meeting Victor. A heat radiates through my chest and I’m filled with a pleasant contentment.

I want to bask in the moment, but darkness comes for me. Its icy fingers grasp my heart and claw at my mind….

A crushing, tearing sensation fills my body. Something is splitting me. The corporeal and the ethereal are at war, but there’s a presence holding them tight. It’s soothes the two halves and forces them to unite. The struggle is over.

[Cursed Hearts]

This is a pivotal scene in one of the later chapters of Cursed Hearts. Victor has bitten Kelsie. She’s going from one extreme to another—passion, happiness, and fear. That first bite is full of something she’s been craving. Then life passes before her eyes before fear takes over and she’s losing her grip on life.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Some times things happen for a reason. Much like Kelsie, I was torn last week. My table buddy and roommate for IBF contacted me Tuesday evening. We needed to rethink our trip to Orlando. The hurricane had been upgraded. Things were looking bleak. I tuned into the Weather Channel and called Tricia. Our planned route would take us along the evacuation route. We’d be driving toward the hurricane. We made the decision not to go.

It wasn’t a decision we made lightly. We weighed the pros and cons. Once the decision was made we both fought with it on an internal basis.

For me, I kept telling myself ‘everything happens for a reason’. I needed to convince myself of that so I made it my job to turn the lemon into the proverbial glass of lemonade. I planned and plotted TWO short stories for anthologies. I also planned and plotted TWO novels—one for NaNoWriMo and one for the Nadirah Foxx brand.



Cursed Hearts

I love the turn of events in this story. It’s a love story, but it isn’t an insta-love type of story with the characters unable to breathe without each other. Kelsie and Victor are attracted to each other. There’s a connection, but things turn dicey. She gets pissed at him. She’s not sure she wants to be with this guy forever. He questions his actions. Although I’m writing about a succubus and a vampire, their struggle is more like that of humans. They question their relationship. Others question it. They need to prove themselves in this inter-species relationship.

Short Story Submissions

I can’t give any details on either story, but I can say both of them are stretching my imagination. That’s always a good thing. Both stories are types I haven’t touched yet, alien fiction and horror fiction. I’m enjoying expanding my style to embrace them.


Plans are being made for 2017. I now have TWO events completely registered for (tables bought and hotel booked)–Penned Con (September) and Great Lakes Book Bash (October). I still have UtopiaCon (June) and Once Upon A Book (August).

How am I feeding my soul this week…

I’m finishing Victoria Schwab’s This Savage Song and I’ll be reading an ARC by Tia Silverthorne-Bach. I believe I also have an e-book ARC to begin also.

That’s it for this week.

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