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How was your weekend? I spent mine hanging with family, productivity in a different realm.

I made a decision over the weekend and I’m sharing it with newsletter subscribers first. So if you haven’t subscribed, now is the time. Until the newsletter comes out (September 22nd), check out my progress from last week.


*PRIORITY: Polish first 1,000 words of Impact and submit to anthology. This is due by September 15th. So I either get it done or forget about it. Done!

*Continue adding to the rough draft of Rebel. I’ve 20 days (not including weekends) to finish this rough draft. If I stick to not writing on weekends, then I’ll need to add 11,353 words to the manuscript this week (roughly 2,271 words each day). Goal was 29,249. Actual count 26,913.

*Continue adding to the rough draft of Cursed Hearts. The goal=3,655 words. Goal was 29,737. Actual count 26,220.


*Continue adding to the rough draft of RebelGoal is 14,476 words for the week or 2,068 daily.

*Continue adding to the rough draft of Cursed HeartsGoal is 6,062 words for the week or 866 daily.

*Continue with revision for Release.

*Continue researching for NaNoWriMo project.


Something brewed deep in the heart of America. Something ugly and twisted and without a doubt wrong. Our nation was poised for an unavoidable dismantling. It began with a small snag in the patriotic fabric engulfing every household, big and small, rich and poor. Inactive politicians made citizens restless. Our elected officials spent too much time arguing over inconsequential bullshit. It left the country in a desperate situation—too many homeless, unemployed, starving citizens with too many people not wanting to help.

Release: an Alliance Chronicles novella

This is the opening for the novella. I originally wrote this with a prologue. I’ll be weaving in elements of the prologue into the end of the prequel and starting with this passage. It sums up what’s going on in Asher Jones’ world.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Splintered focus. What’s that you ask? Splintered focus is a situation where everything grabs your attention. New story ideas come out of left field. You hear a song or see a picture and spin a new character. Another angle to your story crops up. In other words, it’s a muse with ADD! Not an entirely bad thing. My daughter has it and when she’s caught up, sometimes, she is at her most creative. For me, however, I need a whip and a long talk with my muse. She needs to understand that every character in a series can’t have their own book. She needs to realize that all projects can’t be written at the same time. She’s allowed to voice her opinion and give me details to follow up with later. That’s all.



According to my critique partners, I needed to expand on an element in the prequel. I wanted to use a particular character. It was pointed out that he was a bad choice. So I mulled over it and came up with a new character, Rihana Fakhoury. She’s a Syrian refugee living with her family in Dearborn, Michigan at the time of the Street Wars. Rihana has lifted her voice loud and clear. She will be in Rebel, Restore, and Renegade. Talk about pushy characters!


I love how this part of the Alliance Chronicles is drawing to its conclusion. I wrote the ending already. The ending is not expected by the readers nor the characters. They are not pleased with me.

Cursed Hearts

This story is challenging me to stay focused. It wants to grow into so much more. I’m recognizing that it’s Cash’s story that is attempting to spill out onto the page. I’ve told him he must wait his turn. He can hint at bigger things, but I’m only allowing him to drop a few breadcrumbs along the way.


I can’t tell you! Not here. Not now. Why? It’s a secret. You have to subscribe to the newsletter and then you’ll learn the HOT details.

How am I feeding my soul this week…

I’m still reading Aria Michaels’ ARCs. I’ll be checking my review schedule and then I’ll pick another book off my September TBR. If I go in order, the next book will be Back Together, Again by Shawn McGuire.

That’s it for this week.

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