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Happy Labor Day!

Not too long ago, I spent this day looking forward to waving goodbye at my minion as she entered another school year. Those days are behind us. She’ll be with me for at least the fall. Thanks to her breaking her wrist (she has to sit the basketball season out) and a lack of dorm rooms at her chosen university she’ll be at home until the first of the year. Not a completely bad thing in my eyes.

Let’s see if I achieved last week’s goals:


*Continue adding to the rough draft of Rebel. My goal is to finish this rough draft by the end of September. In order to do so and hit 65,000 words, I need to add a minimum of 1,542 daily. Next week’s goal=7,710 words. I came close. I needed another 1,862 words to make goal.

*Finish re-reading Regress. Didn’t touch it.

*Continue adding to the rough draft of Cursed Hearts. My goal is to finish this rough draft by November 9th (73 days away). In order to so and hit 62,500 words (don’t ask where that number came from), I need to add a minimum of 731 words daily. Next week’s goal=3,655 words. Nailed it! I added 3,715 words.

*Polish first 1,000 words of Impact and submit to anthology. Didn’t touch it.


*PRIORITY: Polish first 1,000 words of Impact and submit to anthology. This is due by September 15th. So I either get it done or forget about it.

*Continue adding to the rough draft of Rebel. I’ve 20 days (not including weekends) to finish this rough draft. If I stick to not writing on weekends, then I’ll need to add 11,353 words to the manuscript this week (roughly 2,271 words each day).

*Continue adding to the rough draft of Cursed Hearts. The goal=3,655 words.


“The next time the succubus attempted to seduce me I let her. I sunk my fangs into her delicious neck and drank heavily. The next day I was a raving lunatic. An Ancient saved me from the torture with what you’re drinking there.”

Victor licks his lips. “What is it?”

“A blend—the blood of a succubus and the blood of a vampire. It’s not a cure. The only cure for this curse is killing the succubus you tasted. If you don’t kill her, you’ll have to turn her. Only then will you lose the craving.”

Cursed Hearts [A conversation between an Ancient named Beaumont and Victor Duquette]

What I love about this passage is it displays my twist on vampires. We’ve all read the stories about vampires and humans falling for each other. It’s a story done, literally, to death. So I put a different spin having a succubus and a vampire fall for one another. It’s an interspecies relationship with dire consequences—the vampire can become addicted to the blood of the succubus. There are rules in place forbidding vampires and succubus from socializing together in the hope of keeping this addiction from happening. Young Victor Duquette doesn’t like rules and so he didn’t know about this little problem until it’s too late.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Feeling invisible. No, I didn’t discover magic. This is a problem of discoverability. Reviews for Regress topped at fifteen on Amazon last week (by the way, if you’ve read Regress and haven’t left a review, please consider doing so). The last two reviews were good ones and they made my day. And then I started worrying. Why hadn’t more reviews come in? Did I choose to write a story so niche-y that no one wants to read it? To make matters worse, I submitted my book to Reader’s Review three months ago. It still hasn’t been chosen for review.

When you’re looking to have a pity party, you can always find support. There’s a group (not sure of who it is) nominating books for a summer indie award. I checked out the very long list of Dystopian books with authors well-established and debut. My books aren’t there. At this point you think I would have disconnected myself from social media and read a book or something. Nope. Had to keep pushing it. So I checked out Goodreads and Listopia (a listing service that readers can rank their favorite books). About a week ago, I asked a couple of friends to add my books to a list and vote for them. I have FOUR votes. Commence to wallowing…

Do you think J.K. Rowling or Stephen King ever feel invisible? I’m not comparing myself to either of them, just wondering if I’m on this boat alone. If you’re an author and you’ve ever felt invisible, how did you conquer that?

By the way, if you’re inclined to help an author out, give my books a vote on They are at number 285 (out of 1,709 books). Here’s the link: Let’s see if we can’t move that up.



I can ‘see’ the outcome of this book. I’ve written notes for the end and I’ll be drafting it shortly. With Regress and Rescue, I had a vague idea of how I wanted to end those books. This book is different. I know how I want the characters to feel at the end and I see the scene unfolding.


The first revision has been done on this and I’m about to start a second round of revising this week. This time it’s little, but important, tweaks. The story, although set in 2018, has a lot of similarities between the Civil Rights struggle of the sixties and the race issues currently being experienced in our country.

Cursed Hearts

I love how I’m twisting the idea of vampires. The short story was well-received by all who read it, but I think this longer version will go over bigger. There’s plenty of intrigue and some interesting new characters. The story is easily lending itself to book two in the duology plus there’s material for subsequent spin-offs.


If September goes by as fast as August did, we’ll be looking at November before you know it. I’ve done NaNoWriMo for the past two years. Regress started as a rough draft during NNWM 2014. I wrote my urban fantasy last year (it’s in rewrite). I wondered what I’d write this year. I toyed with the idea and the synopsis laid itself out overnight. I’ll be drafting Restore, the fourth and final full-length book in the Alliance Chronicles series.  After that’s drafted I’ll only have one more novella to draft. I look forward to bringing readers the next chapter in this series through the eyes of Asher and Ko.

How am I feeding my soul this week…

I’m finishing an ARC by Aria Michaels and reading a book from my September TBR:


I have been waiting all summer to find time to read this without stopping.

That’s it for this week.

Keep reading!

Keep following!

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