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How was your weekend? I spent mine taking care of minor things and just trying to free my mind. Basically, I was fighting procrastination. I’ve got a butt-load of stuff I should be handling, but I didn’t feel like doing it. Seems terrible to say that, but it’s the truth.

Let’s see what I did feel like doing last week.


*Add more to the rough draft of Rebel. Goal: 3,000-4,000 words. I added over 6,000 words!

*Finish re-reading Regress. Almost there.

*Add at least one more chapter to Cursed Hearts. This book is slated for a February release date. I’ve got time. Technically, I added a chapter and didn’t realize it. More in a bit…

*Finish character development and world building. Plot new shapeshifter short story for anthology submission. Technically, done and not done.

So details…

Regress reading is taking longer than I thought. Why didn’t someone shoot me when I brilliantly (sarcasm intended) drafted 60 chapters? It’s a lot to read through. I have 9 more chapters to go. But the read-through has been good. Since I intend for Tru and Zared to say their farewell at the end of Book 3, Rebel, I’ve been noting what loose ends need to be tied up.

Cursed Hearts: I sat down on Friday to tackle this during writing sprints. Something kept nagging at me that I’d written the same words down, but I couldn’t find it. I literally couldn’t write anything so, I moved on to something else. On Sunday I found the chapter I had written previously. I just hadn’t added it to the rough draft. Now my mind is free to move forward.

Impact is the title of my shapeshifter short story. I erroneously thought, along with a few other authors, that we had until December to get this done. Well, technically that is true. But we’re supposed to get the first 1,000 words in by September 15th! So I scrambled on Friday to get this written. I have something that I’ll be polishing over the next few days before submitting. IF it’s accepted, then, I get to finish the story. But we know me… If it’s not accepted it will turn into something for my own purposes.

The only story that I worked very hard on but will not be used by anyone, including me, is one I wrote for a now defunct anthology. The premise behind it proved promising. Unfortunately, the organizers didn’t receive enough submissions to justify a full book under the determined theme. So I packed up the story and put the characters back in my idea file. At some point, I may revisit the characters or just their names in a totally different story.


*Continue adding to the rough draft of Rebel. My goal is to finish this rough draft by the end of September. In order to do so and hit 65,000 words, I need to add a minimum of 1,542 daily. Next week’s goal=7,710 words.

*Finish re-reading Regress.

*Continue adding to the rough draft of Cursed Hearts. My goal is to finish this rough draft by November 9th (73 days away). In order to so and hit 62,500 words (don’t ask where that number came from), I need to add a minimum of 731 words daily. Next week’s goal=3,655 words.

Words count goals do not include writing on weekends. I’m attempting to reserve weekends for family time and reading.

*Polish first 1,000 words of Impact and submit to anthology.


I don’t have an option. There’s no time for me to rage against the info Ko gave me. Once Zared is out of the woods, I’ll take care of Taa Aoki. Until then, I sit and wait. (Tru, internal dialogue after learning some troubling news from Ko.)

This passage marks a pivotal change in how Tru reacts to bad news. Before her time at North Woods, she was impetuous. Her character has changed and her reckless nature is, almost, a thing of the past. I like that I’ve been able to grow the characters of the Alliance Chronicles series. They’ve made their mistakes and are learning, albeit, slowly from them.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Self-doubt. It was the reason for my procrastination. I struggled all week with the nagging fear of not being good enough. What if my stories aren’t really that interesting? It’s that terrible fear that I’m sure every single writer has ever had—‘what if people discover it’s all a sham, a fraudulent appearance’. I tried hard not to let it get to me. I wrote when I could. For the most part I did well while writing. It was when I shut the laptop down and stepped away that doubt plagued my mind, ate at my soul. Okay. I’m being a little dramatic with the eating of the soul, but not by much.

So how did I get through it? Trust me, I’m still in it. The doubt simmers just below the surface, but I’m trying not to dwell on it. Over the weekend, I went into Target with the hope of finding the perfect vessel to house a new Bullet Journal. I stumbled across this:



It’s roughly 300 pages… blank pages waiting to be adorned. I feel it’s too nice to merely be a log of events and things to do. It’s begging to be filled with inspiration. Maybe something that will help lift me up out of the pits of despair… We shall see. Any thoughts on what I should put in it?



I love how each book has set up a new chapter in this series. I do believe, however, that Rebel will mark the end of Tru and Zared’s part of this journey. They will most definitely have a minor role in Restore, but I think I can safely say their story will be finished with this book.

Cursed Hearts

I like how this book is nagging me. I was so ready, and I tried, to write something different. But it kept reminding me that I tackled the chapter earlier on and needed to find that before I could move forward. I’m glad I kept looking for it. What I’d written was much better than the what I attempted on Friday.


This little short story has had its interesting moment right at conception. The story idea came to me and it had an all-male cast, even the dog was male. For some reason, science fiction stories about aliens tend to have this heavy male dominated cast. Well, I can’t roll that way. So I interjected a female, but it was still wrong. The story didn’t feel right until I made the main character, the main alien, a female. Now the story is singing to me.

How am I feeding my soul this week…

I’ve got two ARCs to read—The Surrendered by Case Maynard (intriguing story!) and Killshot by Aria Michaels.

And if I should finish one of those this week, I have a contemporary romance by author Brittney Coon to start.

That’s it for this week.

Keep reading!

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