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The Soul of a Writer


How was your weekend? Mine was relaxing. I got caught up on some things and did some reading. My family and I watched the last of the Olympics. Rio de Janeiro is on my bucket list. I had sincerely hoped I would be in Rio for the Olympics. I planned it out, tentatively, and figured it should happen if I saved. Well… I decided I wanted to tackle something on my bucket list for years… becoming a published author. I’ll get there one day.

In the meantime, let’s see how I did with my goals last week.


*Continue drafting Cursed Hearts. Add a minimum of two chapters. Implement any feedback received. Nothing. Something else caught my attention, more in a minute.

*Continue revising Release. I’m shooting for rounding this novella out at 20,000. Finished the revision and it’s with one of my critique partners. 

*Finish re-reading Regress. Nothing… The same thing that caught my attention. Hang on.

*Research and plot new shapeshifter short story for anthology submission. I made a secret board on Pinterest and found pics for characters. Decided on a setting for the story along with pics to represent it. Started worldbuilding and character development.

Okay, enough suspense. What sidetracked me? The first half of the week I was busy catching up with things. And then, I woke up Thursday morning with Chapter One of Rebel in my head. It didn’t matter that I had an idea for Cursed Hearts. This chapter was begging to be written. I thought I’d just make some notes and pulled out the app on my phone. Fifteen minutes later I was still making notes. So I decided to retreat to the laptop. A few hours later and I had over 3,000 words! Friday I had two writing sprints sessions and wrote more. I went from 0K to 7,950 words in two days!


*Add more to the rough draft of Rebel. Goal: 3,000-4,000 words.

*Finish re-reading Regress.

*Add at least one more chapter to Cursed Hearts. This book is slated for a February release date. I’ve got time.

*Finish character development and world building. Plot new shapeshifter short story for anthology submission.


My favorite line comes from the Fireside Chat I did for Holden Pratt.

-If you don't think highly of yourself, why expect it from others--

Although that line came from the most arrogant, twisted character I’ve crafted so far, it speaks volumes. If you choose to beat up on yourself, how can you expect others to do differently? You have to treat yourself kindly. Recognize your successes not just your failures. You don’t have to do with arrogance. Rejoice in those moments in your life. Celebrate when needed. Others will witness your joy and join with you. But if you fail to recognize those moments, so will everyone else. In other words, if it’s not important to you, why should it matter to others?

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Procrastination! Usually when I take a trip, it takes me a few days to tackle putting away my clothes and luggage. This time I put everything up within an hour of coming home. I spent a day and a half in a daze just trying to recover from the travel (I don’t do well with long car rides anymore). Then I got the idea to try making a book trailer using the iMovie app in my phone. That sucked up another day and a half. I discovered a new coloring book app and spent time coloring while watching the Olympics.

I think my brain was trying to tell me to just chill. Take some time to do something other than writing. Reluctantly, I listened. When I did that the idea for Chapter One hit me like a sledgehammer. The first line blindsided me and the writing took off. I tried to pull myself away to do other things, but it wasn’t happening. I had to write.

Lesson learned. Sometimes procrastination is a good thing.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: I love how the lessons taught to me in book two are sticking with me. Although Rebel will be character driven, I’m already purging anything that’s not moving the story forward. I’m keeping it tight—no needless side trips, no extraneous reveals. I’m sure there will be plenty to cut, but for now, I’m working on keeping the pace moving and the tension tight.

How am I feeding my soul this week…

I’m finishing two ARCs and starting a new one.


That’s it for this week.

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