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CONTEST: Help Me Find the Right Candy!

Candy Collage

Last weekend I participated in my first book signing, an amazing event. I noticed a constant on lots of tables… candy! Now some books just lend themselves to the mention of a food item or drink. I read a story in an anthology where the main character was a fan of coffee. The authors put together a giveaway basket and inside was a nice big bag of coffee (I won by the way). In The Alliance Chronicles, food and drink aren’t pleasant items. We’re talking synthetic meat, MREs–not items people want to eat even when they have to. So I’m trying to find the perfect candy to put on my table.
So I’m going to run a little contest.
Suggest candies for the following characters: Tru, Zared, Asher, Ko, Taa, Griffin, and Mark. The candy choice needs to match their personality in some way AND be available in an individual size (no supersize bars or giant suckers). Tell me why the character should eat that particular candy. I’ll select the BEST answer. Winner will get a signed bookmark for Regress and Rescue.
Need some help? Check out my Fireside Chats with the characters for personality clues:
Send your suggestion to me at:
Contest ends August 30th. Winner to be chosen September 2nd.

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