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I had a wonderful weekend! My first book signing event was sold out before lunch. I took additional orders at the signing price and will be mailing those in the coming weeks (need to place another Amazon order). There are not enough thank yous I can say to Stacey Rourke and her team. The entire event was so awesome and I can’t wait to do it again.



Let’s see how I did last week…


*Continue drafting Cursed Hearts. Add a minimum of two chapters. Implement any feedback received. Didn’t do a thing. 

*Continue revising Release. I’m shooting for rounding this novella out at 20,000. Another miss (not a fail). Why? You see, what happened… Rescue released. I went back over Regress and started correcting the few typos I found after I hit publish. Hey, it happens. I’m enough of an adult to admit it. I’ve got another 20 chapters to read through. I also plan on adding the buy link for Regress to the e-book for Rescue.

*I have an idea for the new anthology submission! Yay! It will be my first attempt at a story with aliens. The alien race will be reptilian shapeshifters living on a planet hot as Hades. The submission has to include a military veteran and a pet. Mine will feature a former soldier who volunteers at a pet rescue shelter. GOAL: Research and plot! Another didn’t happen. 

When I wasn’t re-reading Regress, I was making new graphics and promo pieces. I spent the week taking care of all the little things I’ve been pushing to the side. So that’s what I did last week.


*Continue drafting Cursed Hearts. Add a minimum of two chapters. Implement any feedback received.

*Continue revising Release. I’m shooting for rounding this novella out at 20,000.

*Finish re-reading Regress.

*Research and plot new shapeshifter short story for anthology submission.


Since I didn’t do any writing last week (other than the Fireside Chats) I don’t have anything from a WIP.

I’ll sum up my week this way–

My writing the Fireside Chats uncovered more info for Renegade and Rebel (the next full book in the series). Scenes are starting to form, characters are speaking, and a plot outline is building.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Nerves! Seriously. I was so worried about how the table would look. I worried over my giveaway prize—an ‘inspirational’ basket with the first YA book which inspired me to write YA (Veronica Roth’s Divergent), a $15 iTunes card (for Tru’s love of music), and an artist pack (sketchbook, pencils, eraser, and an adult coloring book). Well, I think my giveaway was successful. I received 23 more names for my email newsletter! The nervousness soon banished once the crowd starting flowing into the room.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIPs: This weekend made me realize how much I love the characters in The Alliance Chronicles. There are facets of my personality along with snatches from my background in each and every one of them.

How am I feeding my soul this week…

I’m smack dab in the middle of Courtney Ruggles book:

Vrai Domicile book 2 ebook

I’ve also started Casey L. Bond’s Friction:


If I finish these this week, I’ll be reading Case Maynard’s latest:


That’s it for this week.

Keep reading!

Keep following!

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