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It’s Release Day for RescueDidn’t think it would get here but it did.

Rescue E-book and book2

This past week was a roller coaster. My emotions were up and down, and I wore out my thumbnail! By the end of the week, though, books were ordered and scheduled for delivery later today. My banner is supposed to show up any minute now. I went to Hobby Lobby and found the items I needed for my table. I was even able to design some postcards through Staples and can pick them up on the same day. Just need to pick up a dress and I’ll be set for Frankenmuth.

I’ve also set up my Wattpad page again. You can see how Cursed Hearts is going. I’ve also added an excerpt from my unpublished vampire story, “The Sweetest Bite”. Find my works at . If you like what you read, give it a vote.

thesweetestbite (1)  Cursed Hearts Wattpad

I’m also using WriteOn by Kindle. It works the same as Wattpad with a few exceptions. There’s a community forum with different categories—Introductions, Genre Talk, Tips on Writing Stories, NaNoWriMo, and even posted topics from the Wattpad. You can target your desired feedback and tell members what stage your WIP is at (drafting, revision, etc.). I’ll be using both platforms and see how the feedback goes. After setting up WriteOn, I’m heavily leaning that way.

Let’s see how my writing went last week.


*Continue drafting Cursed Hearts. Goal: add 5,000 words—approximately two chapters. I added two chapters, not exactly 5K.

*Continue revising ReleaseI’m at 17,295 words and at Chapter 14 on revisions. There are currently twenty chapters.

*Work on some ideas for anthology submission. [By the way, my submission due for August is ready to go. I have a summary paragraph to write and then it’s done.] Done!


This will be a short work week with my traveling to Michigan at the end of the week.

*Continue drafting Cursed Hearts. Add a minimum of two chapters. Implement any feedback received.

I’ve already made changes to the first chapter. Basically, I made the second chapter the first one. I made some changes to the opening of the chapter as well. Any relevant information that needed to go into the new first chapter was extracted from the old chapter one. The original third chapter became the new second chapter.

*Continue revising Release. I’m shooting for rounding this novella out at 20,000.

*I have an idea for the new anthology submission! Yay! It will be my first attempt at a story with aliens. The alien race will be reptilian shapeshifters living on a planet hot as Hades. The submission has to include a military veteran and a pet. Mine will feature a former soldier who volunteers at a pet rescue shelter. GOAL: Research and plot!

3) A FAVORITE LINE OR PASSAGE FROM MY STORY THAT SUMS UP WHAT I WROTE/REVISED: This passage comes from Release. Asher is at a funeral.

Faces, familiar and unknown, shuffled out of the polished pews and made their way toward me. I focused on other things—feet whispering across the musty carpet, the smell of burning candles and incense. Anything was better than the multitude of regrets drifting past me.

This chapter was hard enough writing the first time. With my revision, I’ve been trying to interject more of how Asher was feeling. The aforementioned passage is a new addition. I thought about funerals I attended and tried to put some of that into the atmosphere in the chapter.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Self-criticism. What didn’t I beat myself up over last week? I blamed myself for poor planning, financial woes, and everything else that couldn’t be my fault. Even after I managed to get all of the corrections done for my book and uploaded to CreateSpace, I blamed myself for not catching everything the first time. Even after I managed to get my photos ordered to affix to my banner, I blamed myself for not doing it sooner. I found out that I could order postcards for my table from Staples and pick up on the same day. I blamed myself for not looking sooner. This went on for the better part of the week.

By Friday, I finally stopped. I took off my author hat and just got some writing done. I had writing sprints to moderate in a Facebook group. We had two separate sessions, and I wrote a total of over 1,900 words! On top of that I started writing some character pieces, my Fireside Chat series. Each new character got an interview. I found pics to go along with the segments. Life was fun again.

I think that’s something writers have to remember. This is supposed to be fun. When it begins to feel like work… when it feels painful… that’s when it’s time to stop. It’s time to stop the madness and do something fun. I was letting a process, the process of prepping for an event, overwhelm me. Without the writing there’d be no reason for the event.


Release: an Alliance Chronicles Novella

I love how the revision is revealing new layers. There’s so much to the character of Asher. He’s been through a lot. The key, however, is to make sure that I don’t get off track.

The plus side? There will be another novella, Renegade. It will be Mark Carter’s story and the final installment (characters listen up!) in the series. Funny how this was just supposed to be a trilogy. I added the possibility of two novellas. Then the second novella became a full novel.

The Alliance Chronicles will consist of Regress (Book One), Rescue (Book Two), Release (Book 0.5, slated for late November/early December publishing), Rebel (Book Three, 2017), Restore (Book Four, 2017) and Renegade (Book 4.5, late 2017).

Cursed Hearts (Heart Duology, Book One)

Recently, I put a few chapters of this story up on Wattpad and WriteOn by Kindle. After placing it on Wattpad it occurred to me that the story starting point needed to change. The short story was fine where it started, but this is a longer story. I need to add to it, but I also needed more of a hook. I got that when I moved chapters around. I think the story start is stronger now.

How am I feeding my soul this week…

I’m finishing Caroline A. McGill’s ARC and Kelly Martin’s Hart. I also need to start Courtney Ruggles’ ARC and Case Maynard’s ARC. Can you say I’ve got reading material for when I’m not driving to Michigan?

That’s it for this week. Hope to see you in Michigan on Saturday.

People stay safe. Think before you act!

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