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Book Trailer Friday!


How was your week? I spent a few days stressed to the max and then things fell into place. My books were ordered for the signing (they shipped out to my mother-in-law’s house Thursday afternoon), my banner is on its way, and my photos for the banner shipped on Wednesday. I found table decorations at Hobby Lobby. Picking up my dress for the ball next week—no costume, just a nice dress. I’ll also be finishing up putting my giveaway together next week. All last minute, but I guess that’s how I roll. Deadline Diva!

Let’s see what’s on the book trailer shelf this week….

The mesmerising new novel from the acclaimed author of The Bellwether Revivals: a rich and immersive story of love, obsession, creativity and disintegration.

On a forested island off the coast of Istanbul stands Portmantle, a gated refuge for beleaguered artists. There, a curious assembly of painters, architects, writers and musicians strive to restore their faded talents. Elspeth ‘Knell’ Conroy is a celebrated painter who has lost faith in her ability and fled the dizzying art scene of 1960s London. On the island, she spends her nights locked in her blacked-out studio, testing a strange new pigment for her elusive masterpiece.

But when a disaffected teenager named Fullerton arrives at the refuge, he disrupts its established routines. He is plagued by a recurring nightmare that steers him into danger, and Knell is left to pick apart the chilling mystery. Where did the boy come from, what is ‘The Ecliptic’, and how does it relate to their abandoned lives in England?

That’s it for this week!

Have a great weekend, stay safe…

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