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How was your weekend? Mine wasn’t too bad—watched a few movies, caught up on some tv, and did some reading. Basically, time spent with the family.

I wrapped up my writing on Friday afternoon. Let’s see how I did last week.


*Continue short story draft. Goal=2,400 words [total=6,240]. Crushed it—6,978 words!

*Draft Chapter One of Cursed Hearts. Currently this chapter stands at 397 words. Goal is to complete 2,000 words. Blew this one out the water! Drafted EIGHT chapters! 


*Continue short story draft. Goal=2,400 words [total=9,378]. I’m actually hoping to wrap up the draft this week.

*Continue drafting Cursed Hearts. My original plan has twenty-one chapters for this book with a draft deadline of August 1st. If I stick with that goal (and the characters don’t add any more chapters), I need to complete at least SIX more chapters this week.


My grandmother lives in an opulent, three-story Second Empire Victorian. The street lights cast a smoky glow on the brick structure surrounded by thick hedges and trees. Daniel and I traverse the shadows and traipse up the squeaky porch steps. I press my finger on an antique doorbell, resembling a darkened pupil, and listen to a haunting melody followed by footsteps clacking across a floor. (Summoned by Demons)

I love writing description. With this paragraph I wanted to capture that spooky big-screen moment.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Social media and email! I had so many things I was trying to do—write two different drafts, stay on top of my blog, squeeze in some reading, and prepare for my second book launch. I forgot things. It became a ‘oh by the way’ week. I’d write for a few hours and then realize I had like 100+ notifications from Facebook with a few people messaging me plus friend requests. I spent two days preparing teasers and other graphic images for marketing of Rescue. Needless to say, I missed things on Facebook and important pieces of email didn’t get a second look.

So I made a decision. I need help. I sat down with my 20-year-old daughter and asked for her help before she returns to college. She now has control of my calendar. She’ll be helping me with emails. I’ll utilize her as much as I can while she’s willing. After she leaves for school, I may have to entertain the idea of getting a PA.


Cursed Hearts

I love how these characters are developing. When I first decided to pen this duology, both books were going to be about Kelsie and Victor. But the characters had other thoughts. Cash, Kelsie’s brother, has a story to tell and so he’ll be getting the next book.

Both books are paranormal romances. Cursed Hearts is from the viewpoint of supernatural beings who are looking for something they don’t normally get, a chance for love. Blessed Hearts is from the viewpoint of what happens when a supernatural being does everything that’s right and love finds him anyway.

Summoned by Demons

I love how the story is unfolding. There are horror elements, but it’s not a true horror story. My favorite part? The ending I have in mind. It reminds me of a “Twilight Zone” episode.

That’s it for this week. People stay safe. Think before you act!

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