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BOOK REVIEW: “Paper Hearts” by Claire Contreras



I lost her. No, I didn’t lose her. I threw her away. She was my best friend. I was never supposed to fall in love with her. I was careless. She was heartbroken. I thought I was doing fine. But here she is, years later, forced to work with me, reminding me why I fell in love with her in the first place. And this time I’m going to do everything in my power to never let her go.

About the Author

6655354 Claire doesn’t like to talk about herself. Because of this, she asked a friend of hers to write her bio. This is what she got:

Claire is caring, smart, witty, and funny as heck. Despite being a New York Times Best Selling Author of a popular contemporary romance series, Claire doesn’t read many romance novels. However, when she sits down to write, those are the ones that pour from her fingers. Much to her displeasure, we like to say she’s a romantic at heart.

She is a breast cancer survivor who lives in Miami with her good looking husband, two adorable boys, three bulldogs, and two stray cats that she refuses to admit are hers (even though they live on her porch and she continues to feed them). When she’s not writing, she’s always lost in a book (the more suspenseful, the better).

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My Review

Ever read a book that stops your heart? A book that causes you to hold your breath as if the characters are speaking to you? That was my experience while reading Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras. I felt the angst of the characters long with their sorrow and fears.

I absolutely loved this novel. It was well-written with well-developed characters. Paper Hearts was a poignant tale of second chances and taking a risk.

My favorite character was Jensen. He was such a broken soul who took a real chance, more than once, for love. I especially enjoyed the Jensen Talks segments.

Any time a book includes artists and/or writers, I’m immediately interested. Contreras’ story didn’t disappoint me. The idea of opening your heart to the one person capable of breaking it repeatedly really spoke to me.

I look forward to getting to know the next male in this intriguing cast of characters.

Rating: 5-hands-up 5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up

(5 Hands=Excellent, 4 Hands=Pretty Good, 3 Hands=Good)

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