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How was your weekend? I know a lot of turmoil has happened in our country over the past few days. It saddens me and angers me on so many levels. There comes a time when people have to take a stand and say enough of the madness. It will take all of us to figure out a solution to this country’s issues. Let’s face it, we are a nation of many different nationalities, cultures, and races. It’s way past time for us to learn to get along.

Despite the craziness, I did get some work done. Let’s see how I did:


*Begin the rough draft for my short story, tentatively titled “Demon Stalker”. I need to write 400 words daily to make it to 10,000. Total words this week=2,400 words. Nailed it! I wrote 3,840! I also gave it a title, “Summoned by Demons”.

That was my ONLY goal for the week. But y’all know me well enough by now. I have a hard time sticking to one thing.

I checked my pub calendar and saw that I was supposed to be working on turning my short story, published with The Debut Collective, into a full-length novel. I’m planning “Cursed Hearts” as a duology. The first book, Cursed Hearts, is slated for a Valentine’s Day release (2017). The follow up, Blessed Hearts, is tentatively scheduled for April 2017.

So I sat down and read “Cursed Hearts” making notes for what needs to be expanded, added, and improved. I split the story into segments appropriate for chapters. Along the way I inserted necessary lines and words. My goal for Book One in the Hearts Duology is 62,500 words. I’ve got about 56K to write. This will be an interesting project.


*Continue short story draft. Goal=2,400 words [total=6,240].

*Draft Chapter One of Cursed Hearts. Currently this chapter stands at 397 words. Goal is to complete 2,000 words.


This comes from my new short story project, “Summoned by Demons”.  It’s a story of good and evil. This time it’s the granddaughter of a legendary demon hunting family, the Helsings, up against a family of archdemons known as Summoners. The granddaughter, Shelby Harker, has to take on Daniel Forrest, the youngest of his family. His good looks and a manipulative touch are his tools.

He rests a hand on my forearm. His touch flicks at my emotions, desecrating the alarm sounding through my bones. [Shelby]

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Societal Creep. What’s that you ask? It’s when the crap people do filters from the pages of the news and into social media. It’s when you’ve heard so much bad news that writing dark fiction becomes troubling. That’s the real reason why I started working with the draft for Cursed Hearts. Writing about darkness got to me on Friday. It didn’t matter that the depravity was coming from fictional demons. I needed something uplifting. And although a love relationship between a teenage succubus and a teenage vampire is total make believe, Victor and Kelsie offered me a little fictional solace. They eased my mind and reminded me to see the good in society and not just the misguided, hateful actions of others.


Cursed Hearts

Cursed Hearts is a love story about two kids from different sides of the fence, two different ‘cultures’ who aren’t supposed to get along. Although it’s told through paranormal characters, it’s something we see every day. People of different cultures, when they don’t listen to outside influences, meet and fall in love all the time. Why should paranormal beings be any different?

Summoned by Demons

Summoned by Demons is about embracing heritage and recognizing your own strengths. Shelby Harker has a mother who fought hard to bury her family ancestry. She didn’t want to believe the stories her mother told her. Thankfully, Mina Helsing realized how important her family’s role is and she insisted on getting to know her granddaughter. Shelby learns some extraordinary things about herself and gets the opportunity to save humans from the evil which lurks everywhere.

That’s it for this week. People stay safe. Think before you act!

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