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Random Thoughts As A Blogger, A Reader, and A Writer


Call it listening to myself speak, but from time to time there are those things that I hear which require further thought. Sometimes I just need to expound on some things. Today, is one of them.

Thoughts As A Blogger

I enjoy being a book blogger. The ability to share books that I’ve enjoyed and can recommend them to others is priceless. What I review comes from my own library, the local library, or from ARCs authors are asking people to review. I never beg for a book. I am guilty of asking Victoria Schwab at UTOPiA what I needed to do to get an early copy of her latest book. She was giving the book away. I wanted it, but I didn’t beg.

I also do not sell, loan, or giveaway ARCs. If I get a physical copy of a book from an author and I’m not reading it for a review, it’s with an explicit understanding that it’s a giveaway item. ARC stands for Advanced Reviewer Copy. It’s not an Advanced Retail/Resell Copy. They are not meant to be sold at the holder’s leisure. In doing so, you’re robbing the author of income. This is no different than acquiring a demo from a musician and selling it. ‘Nuf said.

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Thoughts As A Writer

I’ve heard it numerous times that people prefer books which don’t have cliffhangers. Really? Excuse me if I step on some toes here, but I have to wonder about this one. Unless you are one of the rare people who NEVER watches tv or movies OR someone who restricts tv watching to documentaries and religious programs, you probably watch something that is episodic. Hollywood makes its bread and butter off cliffhangers. We watch season finales and are left hanging for a few months, waiting to find out what happens next. We watch movies with numbers behind their titles knowing that it may be a year or so before the next one comes out.

But when it comes to books, there are readers who balk at a cliffhanger. They want the next book NOW. So why do authors need to answer to a different set of standards?

I do understand that waiting years between books can be frustrating. Heck, even a year’s wait can be nerve wrecking. I just finished Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Mist and Fury. I’d love it if I could buy the next one tomorrow, but she hasn’t finished it. Personally, I’d rather she take her time and write another brilliant tome. Did people throw darts at J.K. Rowling when the next Harry Potter book (when they debuted) wasn’t on store shelves? I don’t remember. Back then, I worked as a volunteer in my daughter’s school library. We were too busy making sure the books got in the hot little hands of her intended audience.


Thoughts As A Reader

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There’s no denying that I love books. A bookstore for me is like a toy store to little kids. I’ll browse the aisles and get lost in the covers. At one time in my life I’d go to Border’s and Barnes & Noble in the same day and purchase numerous books. But those were the days before I discovered YA and NA and embarked on MY journey as a writer.

Now I replenish my library with books purchased at conventions and the One-Click option on Amazon. My TBR is vast. I haven’t updated the list in a while on Goodreads. I’m afraid of the final number.

I haven’t reviewed nearly as many books this year. I’ve been busy with my own writing. Before I went to Nashville for UTOPiA, I started formulating a solution. I think I may have nailed it. One week each month will be reserved for reading from my TBR. I’m going to start with the standalones.

In Conclusion…

Do you have a question you’d like me to address? How about a topic you want my viewpoint on? Send them to me at Over the coming months, I’ll cull your email and respond accordingly.

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