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My Utopian Hangover…

This Year's Haul

Check out that haul from the UTOPiA Con! I was on a strict budget, and I stayed with it. Picked up some free and won a gift basket too.

“Daughters of Danger”, the Band of Dystopian Authors and Readers lip sync group, won the lip sync contest with our take on Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.

The lip sync contest was fun. I enjoyed the panels…




But the best thing? Seeing my “family”. As I told someone, Utopia is about coming home.



Without Utopia I might still be looking to start my journey as a writer.

Janet Wallace created the perfect vehicle which allows writers of all levels, bloggers, readers, and anyone else with a love of the written word to come together and celebrate. We lift each other. We teach. We collaborate. We let our hair down and have fun.

I have made lifelong friends through Utopia. I don’t think twice about helping my “family” out. And they are my family. It’s often said you choose your friends, not your family. But sometimes… you get to ADOPT an awesome family!

I miss all of you already, and can’t wait to see you again!

I learned a lot this year, and I reached my goal—publishing my first book. I also had two short stories published. Time to set a new goal for 2017!

Tomorrow I’ll post “The Soul of a Writer”.

Keep reading…

Keep following…

And as BJ Sheldon says…. Be Ceaseless!

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