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UTOPiA Book Recommendations

Getting ready for UTOPiA Con? Maybe it’s your first time. Last year was mine.

One of the first things I did was to check out the exhibitors—their websites, their books. I found my favorite genres and decided which books I wanted to purchase. Then, I looked to see which authors I just wanted to make sure I spoke to. Maybe they were from my home state. Maybe I borrowed their books from my local library. Here’s a short list of my recommendations from my TBR [anyone I don’t mention is merely an oversight]:


That’s really a short list. Want to see more books on my TBR? Go to my Goodreads page.

Going to UTOPiA Con and want to build your reading list? Here’s my suggestion:

  1. Go check out the Exhibitor list on the Utopia site:
  2. Find them on You can add their books to your TBR and even follow them.

If you plan on picking up books while at UTOPiA, you should make note of where the exhibitors will be on each day (check out the Utopia site). Make a list of what books you plan to buy. Give yourself a budget. It’s very easy to spend a lot of money.

How do you narrow down your buying list?

  1. Look for those must reads, the ones that grab your eye first on your TBR.
  2. If there’s a completed series, these might be the first books you want to read.
  3. Try putting your TBR in alphabetical order and read through the alphabet. How many books can you read in a reasonable amount of time? Set that as your budget (unless you’re like me and read a 100 or more books per year).
  4. Maybe pick ONE or TWO of your favorite authors and buy their latest books.

Good luck creating your reading list. If you’re at UTOPiA, hopefully we’ll meet up. I’ll be helping out at the Debut Collective table!


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