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It’s Time for UTOPiA!

It’s time for UTOPiA again—a wonderful time to hang out with friends, educate our minds, and even fangirl for a moment. A year ago I was a fairly new blogger/reviewer waiting to publish my first novel. I set a goal for myself to network and learn all that I could about publishing.

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In March I published my first book, Regress: The Alliance Chronicles Book One. Earlier this month, two of my paranormal short stories were published in The Debut Collective short story anthologies. And in July, I have dystopian short story being published in “And the World Will Burn” anthology.

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Goals reached! Time for new ones.

This year’s conference, for me, will have plenty of meets and greets—my editor, my cover designer, my critique partner, and some additional people I need to see before leaving Nashville. I’ve scheduled seminars that should further my knowledge in indie publishing and writing. I’ve even signed up for a book trailer workshop.

I’m looking forward to the event. I’ve even signed up for a lip sync contest!

Tomorrow I’ll post my recommendations for readers new to UTOPiA.

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