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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine wasn’t too bad. I did write, but I also spent some family time watching movies and programs we needed to catch up on off the DVR.

Let’s see how I did last week…


*Rescue will be my primary focus for the next two weeks. I have about 19 chapters left. This puppy has been cut down. I feel like the story went on a serious diet, but it’s good. Well worth the time and effort.

There won’t be any beta reading on this project since I have a team of four people working on this right now. I will be doing ARCs in July once it’s come back from the editor.

On a side note… I know it wasn’t planned, but I couldn’t get my brain NOT to go there. Thoughts came through about Demonic Descent. I have some ideas (jotted them down) for the plot and how to avoid an insta-love scenario brought on by the bond between Cullen and Raevyn. I can’t wait to attack it.

Fighting for Second… another unplanned thing that popped in my head. More elements of the plot came to mind. Jotted them down along with some thoughts on setting.


*Continue with Rescue revisions. I have scheduled 3 chapters per day which should have me finished by next Sunday.


This discarded place, under a blanket of snow, in the middle of nowhere, is depressing and beautiful. A perfect dichotomy. Time has ravaged the brick buildings leaving the carcasses of fighter jets, but God laid His finger on the place and turned it into a pristine canvas unmarred by living things. The cold wind whistles through the endless line of pine trees and whips the AR flag in the yard. Freedom and captivity.

This was one of my favorite passages to write. It’s obvious it’s Tru’s POV from the wording and how it paints a picture.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Layers and learning. I discovered how I like to write and I had to make the decision to embrace it and move on. I write in layers. There’s the rough draft, a veritable mish-mash of ideas and dialogue. Then there are the details. Sometimes I get it just right and then sometimes I need to go back and pare it down. At this point, I usually start reaching out to others. Does this make sense? How does this sound? After others have put their hands into the pot, I start sprinkling in the emotions and feelings that give the story depth and clarity. Well, I figured out: wouldn’t it make more sense to do all of that BEFORE sending it to critique partners?

It took a minute for that to sink in. Why? Because I thought that’s what I was doing. It wasn’t until this team of CPs that I realized what I was doing. Oh the agony I could have spared myself if I’d realized this sooner.

And that’s when the second half of the challenge hit me… learning. I’m still an infant to this world of writing. I’m not going to hit it out of the park on my first try. I’ve got to sit in out in the minors for a bit and learn. Figure out what works and what doesn’t. Learn how to finesse the words… how to choose the right ones to finesse in the first place.

It’s a sobering challenge when you look at it. But it’s a good one. If we’re not learning, we’re stagnate. Stay like that for too long…. well, you know what the definition of crazy is (continuing to do the same thing over and over hoping for a different outcome).

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: I think this revision process has breathed new life into Rescue. It wasn’t floundering and I liked the story. But I think it’s better. I’ve been motivated to make it even better. Nothing like cutting out chapters and angles and making what’s left tell the same story. It’s a challenge.

That’s it for this week! Next week look for The Soul of a Writer on Sunday. I’ll be posting my thoughts on going to Utopia Con next Monday.

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