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Morality & War: A Review of “Finding North” by Allyson Gottlieb Description: “Sometimes you have to lose everything to find what you’ve really been looking for.

Kat and Tyler were childhood sweethearts, inseparable in all things. When he was drafted into the Alliance army, it was only natural that she would join up, too. Then he dies in battle, and Kat is left adrift, with her heart shattered but her life still tied to the Alliance. Going through the motions and fulfilling her obligations is all she has left, until the day her unit gets caught by the enemy.

When Reynan Caverly saves Kat from military prison, the only thing she knows is that his father started the civil war that caused Tyler’s death. Kat is shocked when Reynan takes her to his Las Vegas home, a lavish place in contrast to her impoverished upbringing. Vegas has become a playground for the military elite, and as much of a danger zone as the battlefield. The only way she can stay safe is to rely on Reynan.

As animosity fades and affections grow, Kat and Reynan realize that they have more in common than they first assumed. But in a country decimated by disease and divided by war, nothing comes without a price.”


About the Author

 Growing up, Allyson was always the girl with a big imagination and even bigger dreams. A California girl by birth, she currently lives in Boston while attending Emerson College. She has a slight addiction to Starbucks, eyeliner, and chocolate—and, of course, books.

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My Review

I loved Allyson Gottlieb’s “Finding North”. I’m a sucker for a good dystopian and this story doesn’t disappoint.

The backdrop for “Finding North” is a country torn apart by a plague followed by a divisive civil war. But Gottlieb’s story is about more than a military battle. It’s about the true tragedy behind war—the loss of morality. For one of the main characters, Reynan Caverly, he needs to choose between sense of self and family loyalty. Deep.

I loved Reynan. From the beginning, Gottlieb lets readers know that he’s different. He’s physically strong, honest, loyal to a fault, and cares deeply for those who matter to him. Being handsome is a bonus. Gottlieb’s flawless writing reveals this character’s inner struggle. The only thing I wanted was for him to realize his inner strength and stand up for himself sooner.

Another well-developed character in “Finding North” is Katherine Zova. Friends call her Kat. If she were a real person, you’d want her for your friend, too. She’s a caring girl who wants to do the right thing in life. When Kat needs to call upon her inner strength, she’s unstoppable. Unfortunately, she doesn’t always recognize it and she becomes the victim. For Kat, it’s her dignity which gets her in trouble every time.

Helena, Reynan’s friend and housekeeper, is another great character. She lives a tragic existence and can’t see beyond it until Kat becomes her friend. Helena’s finally able to look past her history and live a little.

Gottlieb does a fantastic job imparting the setting of Las Vegas to readers. My last trip to Vegas was before the Cosmopolitan was built, but I recognized every landmark she mentions. Even the description of the desert heat is spot on.

This was my first time reading Gottlieb’s work. I enjoyed it immensely. It took a lot of effort for me to tear myself away from it and get on with other activities. I look forward to reading the next book. I have to find out what happens with Reynan and Kat!

Rating: 5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up (5 Hands=Excellent, 4 Hands=Pretty Good, 3 Hands=Good)

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