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Futuristic Assassins: A Review of “Rogue Agent” by Kellie Wallace Description: “Time and space won’t stop Seth Langdon from eliminating his target…

In the year 2040, futuristic hit man Seth Langdon travels the world by rifts in time, carving a successful career in murdering corrupt men and women. He’s the top assassin working for the elite underground agency, Haroun.

If you’ve killed one scumbag, you’ve killed them all…

During a routine assignment in Oklahoma, Seth carries out a hit on an arms smuggler, David Bloom. But after the job is done, Seth can’t shake the feeling something is very wrong. He’s left haunted by the memory, but what made Bloom so different than Seth’s other targets?

Then his next assignment rolls in…

After a coveted promotion, Seth becomes an Expult agent—an assassin with the freedom and rights to eliminate specific targets. For his first official hit with the new job title, he’s ordered to kill animal activist Terra Bloom, daughter of David Bloom. Regardless of Seth’s guilt over killing her father, she’s just another target…or is she?

Seth’s moral compass spins out of control as inner struggles clash with his dedication to the job. When his decisions leads to tragic consequences, Seth and Terra embark on a journey, fleeing from the very organisation Seth dedicated his life to.

When a trained killer falls for his mark, he’ll use every resource to protect her—even if he’s deemed a Rogue Agent.”

About the Author

Born in Sydney, Australia Kellie Wallace developed a love for the written word early in life, recalling her earliest memory when she was three years old. She has been writing ever since. After finishing high school, Kellie moved to the sunny Northern Beaches from the Central Coast and carved a successful career in the media/advertising industry writing for numerous Sydney based publications.

An aspiring novelist, Kellie fulfilled a dream in 2008 having her first book All She Ever Wanted published by Zeus Publications at the age of 22 years old.

Find her online at:






My Review

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Kellie Wallace’s Rogue Agent is an action packed, well-written thriller.

I enjoyed the futuristic, plausible plot. The idea of an agency with assassins killing the world’s bad guys is awesome.

The characters of Seth, a man whose deeds finally pricked his conscience, and Terra, a woman whose meddling earned her a target with the agency, were my favorites. Both of them are strong individuals with a passion for whatever concerns them.

My least favorite character was Spencer. He embodied the atypical villain—ruled by greed and corruption and drunk with power. There was nothing redeeming about Spencer.

The only areas that threw me were the references to American objects using British/Aussie terms (i.e. lift instead of elevator and crisps instead of chips). They didn’t take away from the story since I’m familiar with the terminology, but when they first appeared I had to remember I was reading a book written by an author who wasn’t American.

I highly recommend Rogue Agent. Wallace’s use of language and details make for a rewarding story.

This was the first book by Wallace I’ve read, and it won’t be the last.

Rating: 5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up (5=Excellent, 4=Very Good, and 3=Good)

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