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A Fresh Take on Angels: A Review of “Hear the Crickets” by BJ Sheldon

From time to time I’ll be going through my files and posting reviews which were listed on Goodreads and Amazon, but I didn’t post on the blog. Today’s Lost Files is a review of a great book by BJ Sheldon! Description: “Skyy’s a freak. She’ll tell you so herself. Her past – a mystery. Her future – uncertain. Having spent most of her life avoiding humans in an effort to conceal her wings, she wants nothing more than to end it all, leaving behind the solitary life she’s been forced to live. But numerous attempts to die have proven immortality is both a curse and a nuisance. She now lives out her days in self-imposed seclusion to stay hidden from the world. But that quiet way of life is shattered when mysterious siblings arrive and reveal a destiny which sends her running for the hills. When an earth shattering discovery is made in the Badlands, history and science collide furthering the mystery behind Skyy’s past – and her future. Skyy will need to embrace her fate and confront an evil so ancient, only a miracle can keep the world from ceasing to be.”

About the Author

BJ Sheldon lives near Rapid City, South Dakota with her husband, a veteran of the US military. She is the mother to 3 beautiful daughters, 2 of whom are still living at home and making her crazy. She has a B.S. degree in Project Management from the University of Phoenix and has a PhD in life. She began reading at age 4, and by the 4th grade had already read most of the literary classics. Throughout the years, BJ has found endless inspiration through her childhood in rural Iowa, the mysteries of the paranormal, and her ceaseless need to question everything.
Most days, she can be found in front of her laptop or reading a good book when she isn’t trying to keep her dog and 3 cats from taking over the world. Her hobbies include cuticle care, fighting off zombies, and traveling through space and time with a mad man in a blue box. BJ prides herself in being a Whovian, Sherlockian, Browncoat, Potter Head, and all around giant nerd.

In 2011, BJ was awarded a silver medal in the Reader’s Favorite Award Contest in the Young Adult/Fantasy category for “Haunting”. Her first series, The Dusty Chronicles, is a paranormal trilogy that takes a different spin on “paranormal”. Future projects include Sci-fi, fantasy, and contemporary romance stories.

Catch up with BJ online at:
Twitter: @BJSheldonAuthor
My Review
I enjoyed BJ Sheldon’s Hear the Crickets. It was the first book I’d read by the author and it will not be my last.

Hear the Crickets was not the atypical story about angels. It was an imaginative, fresh take which had me thinking about the whole genre of angel mythology. I loved how Sheldon interweaved references like the Book of Enoch into her story. I have read other books which mentioned this fabled doctrine, but this was the first time I read about Azazel’s role. Very interesting to say the least.

Sheldon’s characters were well developed and very enjoyable. My favorites were Skyye and Dorian. I immediately felt sorry for Skyye. Imagine being around for three hundred years and not being close to anyone—what a lonely existence. But Skyye was not a character to pity. She was strong and willing to stand up to a challenge. Her biggest challenge was not the role she needed to play in fulfilling a prophecy. Skyye had to learn to allow others close to her, really close to her. Thankfully, Dorian was the type of being which did not give up. He believed in her abilities from the very beginning and helped her grow as a “person”.

Sheldon’s handling of the fight scenes was fantastic. She used just the right amount of detailing to help a reader imagine the scene without it being overly graphic. There was only one weapon I needed to Google in order to get a vivid picture in my mind.

I loved how Hear the Crickets ended. Yes, it had me wondering what would happen next. But I was so glad Skyye experienced the outcome the way it was written. Although I’m thinking she has a lot more to endure before it is all over, at least she will know a little happiness.

I highly recommend BJ Sheldon’s Hear the Crickets for anyone. It is a creative read, full of hope and promise.

Rating: 5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up (5 Hands=Excellent; 4 Hands=Pretty Good; 3 Hands=Good)

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