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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine wasn’t too bad. I started on a productive high. Spent all afternoon Saturday exploring book teasers. Remember those book covers I shared for the Debut Collective? Well, those books are coming up in June. I wanted to make teasers to go with them. If you’re a follower on this blog, you get a sneak peek! Check them out:

The first three are for my Young Adult Paranormal short story, “Cursed Hearts”, which will be in Against All Odds.

Cursed Hearts Teaser #1 Cursed Hearts Teaser #2 Cursed Hearts Teaser #3 The third one is my favorite one from this set!

The next ones are for my New Adult Paranormal short story, “Ever After”, which will be in Secret Identity.

Ever After Teaser #1 Ever After Teaser #2 Ever After Teaser #3 The first one is my favorite in this set.

I finished up by making combo teasers:

DC Teasers #1 DC Teasers #2 DC Teasers #3 Debut Collective Shorts2

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on them.

Let’s see how I did last week…


*Work on re-direction of the plot for Rebel. I have some notes already established that need to be put in a file for Restore. Thanks to one of my writer friends this is all plotted and in Scrivener! She introduced me to a book by the late screenwriter Blake Snyder called Save the Cat. Yes, it’s a book for screenwriters, but it has merit for novelists. His beat sheet just made things so much easier.

I’ve been a pantser since day one of my writing. I wanted to embrace plotting. Since I won Scrivener software, I felt I needed to learn how to do it. This third book, however, had me stuck. What to include? What to leave out? Snyder’s sheet (I Googled directions and advice) helped me cull through the crap and pull out what was vital.

*Revise Chapters 8 – 11 (maybe 12) for Demon’s Birthright. Done! I also did a Snyder Beat Sheet for this WIP. Exceedingly helpful since I’m doing some major rewriting and moving chapters around. I love doing NaNoWriMo, but at the end of the month you’re left with a stack of pages that you hope make a cohesive story. I had a lot of backstory going on. So I had to step back and see where the story really should start. The Beat Sheet helped me focus this story. I’ll be updating Scrivener with my changes.

*Work on marketing ideas for The Alliance Chronicles. Have you visited the Facebook page for the series? A work in progress… I’m adding material to the page daily. I came up with a neat little swag item. If you’ve read Regress, I made mention of a notebook. I’ve made up a notebook with elements from Book One and some that will appear in Book Two. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to get a pdf copy! Subscribers will receive it in the May newsletter.

Something which wasn’t in last week’s projections… I’m working on another short story project. I can’t tell you much about this super secret WIP. I received the green light for my story last week. I used Snyder’s Beat Sheet and had it plotted, characters ‘fleshed out’, and in Scrivener in two days. Deadline to submit my draft is June 1st. I’ve been told to be prepared for lots of editing and revising. Ready!


*Tweak Chapters 8 – 11 of Demon’s Birthright before sending to critique partner. Revise Chapters 12 – 15.

*Start drafting new short story.

*Drafting ideas for teasers and trailer for Rescue. If my alpha reader finishes her read-through this week, I’ll be making those changes as well.


Ryan was happy. Me? Not so much. Before the accident, I’d planned to break up with him. If I hadn’t been so concerned with ending things, I would’ve done more to keep him from going out that night. Ryan’s picture was my reminder of how I blew my chance for happiness.

This passage sums up Raevyn. She’s a girl who’s never quite fit in. She was an oddity in high school. The one guy she constantly crushed on never returned her feelings. Ryan made her feel special, but she wasn’t in love with him. He’s dead and she feels guilty.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Keeping things straight mentally. I’ve got a very full platter (I gave up the plate) these days. Last week I did THREE author takeovers. I have NINE more books to review in 10 weeks (I got smart and closed down requests for reviews until June). On top of those things, I’m still promoting Regress. Book Two is in the reader stage before going to the editor (Maria, is coming at you in June). Thoughts of Book Three and Four are hitting me concurrently. I’m doing things to cement my brand. Demon’s Birthright is in revision mode. And, I took on another short story. Let’s not forget I’ll be promoting short story collections coming out in June and July. Oh, and I do have a future project that I haven’t touched in a couple of weeks. Whew!

Thankfully I have calendars posted (on the computer, phone, tablets, and hanging on the wall). I have a schedule posted in two locations. I keep folders dedicated to each WIP. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. For some reason last week was a hard one on my mind.

In all honesty, the death of Prince didn’t help the situation. I wanted to go down memory lane, but I had too much to do to submerge myself. So I shut down social media for two days, only surfacing when I had completed something. I’ve let my mind have its moments. For the past few days I’ve played nothing but Prince. I’ve shared memories with my husband (he took me to my first Prince concert) and my daughter. I sang, danced, and then got back to work. You know what? I was productive.

You can’t block your creativity. Your muse can come at you unexpectedly. There’s only one rule when it comes to being creative… Allow the flow!

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: If I haven’t said it before, it’s the characters. I’m enjoying Raevyn and Cullen. I’ve learned more about them in the past few days. They are both struggling with the same thing—grief and guilt over the death of a loved one. They have chosen different ways to handle it. Raevyn chooses anonymity. It’s easier for her to stay in the shadows, but thanks to her uncle she’s got to step up. A princess doesn’t live in the background for long. When you’re a powerful demon sorceress, you can’t hide anyway. Cullen chooses to drink too much, screw around, and be a general ass. If he’d face some of his demons, his life would be so much easier.

That’s it for this week!

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