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Good Monday! How was your weekend? I wasn’t particularly productive. Created a possible swag item for Regress and did an author takeover, no writing. Oh, and I endured a lecture on balance.

Balance… Does that even exist for writers? Seriously. We’re either writing, thinking about something we want to write, or researching what we want to write. There’s no off switch. How do you compact your creativity into a nice, neat 8 hour bubble? Do muses come with pause buttons? If I tell my characters “Be quiet. Come back tomorrow when I’m back on the clock”, will they return? Is there a mental parking lot for ideas? If so, is there an attendant who’ll make sure the idea will be returned to me in its entirety?

I don’t have small children or even a teenager living at home. My daughter is for all intents and purposes grown. She’s in her second year of college and actually let us know it was time for us to leave when we dropped her off on campus last week. My husband works long, irregular hours. So I spend a lot of time on my own. I write, I read, I catch some tv. Rinse and repeat. That’s my daily schedule since I don’t work outside the home—not an avenue I care to experience again.  When he’s home, he’s comfortable watching endless hours of sports, but my writing and reading for endless hours is seen as out of balance. I don’t work out enough, although I have good intentions. If I’m fortunate, I get to meet up for coffee with other authors once a month. I’ve missed a few months due to circumstances beyond my control. Heartfelt plea here: any authors out there who have found their way to balance, please enlighten me!

That said, let’s see how I did last week.


*Continue revision of A Demon’s Birthright. I owe Prologue – Chapter 3 to my critique partner. My goal is to also complete Chapters 4 – 6 as well. Done! My rewrite worked with my critique partner. I completed Chapters 4 – 7 and sent those off to my partner.

*Continue re-reading Rescue. I’m half-way through. Hoping to reach the 3/4 mark this week. Finished! It’s with an alpha reader. Once she’s read it through, I’ll make recommended changes and then it’s off to beta readers. I’m hoping to get before the betas before the end of the month.

*Sketch out at least TWO of the remaining scenes for Restore. Add details where needed. (If I don’t do any sketching, I’ll need to consider starting this rough draft either toward the end of May or first of June.) Still working… I did some honest thinking on this.

First–I decided what was supposed to be a novella (the second one) will be a full-length book.

Second–The third book won’t be titled, Restore. In keeping with the idea of having four full-length books, the fourth book will be Restore and the third book will now be entitled Rebel. Why? Tru and Zared along with their group of friends are rebelling against the government. Book Four will be about Operation Restore and focus more on Ko and Asher.

I’m doing some re-directing of the plot. The rough draft for Rebel will begin in June. Now that I’m done with the re-read on Rescue I should be able to dedicate more time this coming week to this re-direction.


*Work on re-direction of the plot for Rebel. I have some notes already established that need to be put in a file for Restore.

*Revise Chapters 8 – 11 (maybe 12) for Demon’s Birthright.

*Work on marketing ideas for The Alliance Chronicles. Have you visited the Facebook page for the series?


Faythe and Eason told me my powers were coveted, but they didn’t say a thing about someone having the ability to steal them from me. I was just getting used to them. I wasn’t ready to lose them, nor my life.

That one paragraph sums up the plot for A Demon’s Birthright perfectly. It’s a not-so-normal girl discovering what she’s willing to fight for in life. It met with approval from my critique partner. Thanks Natasha!

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Being human. No, I don’t believe I’m one of those characters I’ve created. It’s human to have good days and bad days. Sometimes we engineer our own bad days, and sometimes we allow someone else to craft them for us. What am I talking about? Facebook. The powers that be at Mark Zuckerberg’s little company think that presenting FB members with a flashback, an encapsulated memory, is a good thing. No consideration as to whether the memory nugget is something someone wants to remember let alone share. Without rehashing the situation in its entirety, the suggested memory put me in a funk for the day. I didn’t write ANYTHING.

Years ago when I needed to process, I painted. Long story short, I don’t have those materials anymore. But I do have Photoshop. So I sat down and played with an idea. Between and I created a photo and ran it through Photoshop. It’s not perfect, but I’ll share…Evolution-of-Evil



That was my day of work. An indicator of my mood for the day?

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: It has to be the possibilities. There are so many possible angles in this story. I started with one and it didn’t prove adequate. The scope was too wide. So I regrouped and found another way to tell it. I’m thankful for that. Otherwise, when it comes time to revise I’d find myself pigeonholed and not knowing how to get out of it.

That’s it for this week!

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