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The day I’ve been waiting for all my life is coming this week… Release Day for my first novel! Everything is set. All I have to do is hit the button. A little nervous? Yes. This writing journey has been intense. It’s had its ups and downs. There have been moments of panic mixed with squeals of delight (the moment I saw the paperback at It’s also been a bit humbling. My book is just one of many books released during March. I’m a little cog in a huge machine. We all operate together. Some of us have a bigger presence, but we all function to serve YOU, the reader. I encourage you, of course, to pick up my book (either paperback or ebook) and leave your review to share with others. If it’s not your cup of tea, you won’t hurt my feelings by dropping me a line and telling me what didn’t work for you. We learn from our mistakes.

Okay, let’s see how I did last week…


*Continue revising Demon’s Birthright. My goal is to finish Chapters 13 – 15. Done. I also rewrote the prologue one more time! Care to see it? Subscribe to my newsletter. April’s edition will contain the prologue.

*Write narrative outline for Restore. Determined how many more scenes I need to write out (roughly 10). I plan on sketching out those scenes and then adding more details, namely questions to be addressed in the previous ones.

*Finish promo pieces for release of Regress. Almost done. I want to make a trailer. I’ll be working on it over the next couple of days. If it’s a success, you’ll see it on my site.


*Continue revising A Demon’s Birthright. The plan is to revise Chapters 16 – 18.

*Sketch out at least FIVE of the remaining scenes for Restore.

*Start re-reading of Rescue. I’ve turned on the Narrator function in Windows. Hopefully this will catch mistakes that seem to slip past another set of eyes (extra words in sentences).


It was time for us to face our fears, though. We were in it together. I was willing to fight for my life. And in the end, I hoped, he would be willing to fight for us.

A Demon’s Birthright explores the relationship between an unusual pairing, a demon sorceress and a Lycan. Everything about them, outwardly, is just wrong. But deep down they are like any other couple. They have fears, anxieties, concerns. There’s an essence of humanity in their emotions.

Raevyn’s emotions, for instance, are the same as any young woman testing the waters of a new relationship. She’s contemplating the validity of something which started out full of animosity. Most important to her, however, is whether this chosen mate will stand up for her. He’s not a Prince Charming, but he’s her salvation. No matter how much women protest that we don’t need saviors, we all want our man to stand by us in the end. We want to know we can trust that he has OUR back. Just like Raevyn…

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Meeting deadlines! Holy crap last week was full of so many little things to get done. I have told myself time and again to not back myself into a corner, but I don’t listen. I take on reviews because I want desperately to read the book. I take on promo postings because I want to be helpful and spread good karma. I take on new projects out of fear of getting bored or not being prolific enough. Mind you, I have a schedule. Everything is on a calendar. I am hesitant to look at since it reminds me of how busy I am. But busy is GOOD! Just pour a cup of coffee and dig in.


5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: The development of the underlying message! Raevyn’s journey involves discovering her strengths and what’s important to her. Before her uncle arrives on the scene, she’s a young lady without any real goals. She’s drifting through life, afraid to take on challenges. With a death threat she learns to embrace those same challenges. She learns what, and who, is important to her. Her life has a fighting chance.

That’s it for this week!

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