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It’s a new week and time for a new post. Notice anything different? If you’re looking for my usual installment of My Writing Journey, you’re in the right place! I’ve updated the title, but I’ll still be talking about my writing. On occasion I’ll be posting my thoughts along the way. The next few weeks are about to get crazy and I don’t want you to miss anything.

Starting this week, I’ll be counting down to the release of “Regress”. Look for daily teasers on Facebook. It’s my first foray into making these graphics for my own work. I hope you like them and they have the desired effect (download my book as soon as it’s available!).

Let’s see how I did with last week’s journey…


*I must finalize author business steps! Waiting to hear back from the state with my paperwork. Once that’s done, I’ll be in business. Paperwork came today! I have my LLC, EIN, and I’m signed up with KDP.

*Revise Chapters 10 – 15 of A Demon’s Birthright. I am actually on Chapter 13! I’m so glad that I’ve been working ahead on this. I’ve been using Scrivener. The pages I send to my partner are copied from Scrivener into a Word doc. Well, I’ve found missing sections and even a couple of chapters that were jumbled. There were only two problem chapters, but I wouldn’t have found them and corrected them in time to send if I hadn’t been working ahead.

*Continue writing narrative outline for RestoreI didn’t do anything with Restore last week. I actually went back to Rescue. I had to write the back cover blurb and tag line. In doing so, I realized I needed to add something to the manuscript. So I tweaked a few lines in a few chapters. Now they better support the tag line and blurb I wrote.


*Continue revising Demon’s Birthright. My goal is to finish Chapters 13 – 15.

*Write narrative outline for Restore.

*Finish promo pieces for release of Regress.


Now that imagination leapt off the page and smacked me in the face.

That’s how I feel about my characters. If you’re not a writer, it seems strange to hear people mention that their characters talk to them. After all, aren’t they just figments of our over active imagination? Oh, but those figments develop a life of their own. The more you get to know those little figments, they turn into little beings with their own thoughts.

My characters keep me up at night. I’m in big trouble when I shower before bed. They follow me into the shower and deliver dialogue and ideas. Sometimes they even let me know if I’m on the wrong track. Some people believe in writer’s block. Others say that there’s something ‘off’ about what we’re writing and we simply need to step back and explore the problem. I’m in the latter category. When my characters keep me up, they’re telling me something’s not right. That’s how I ended up tweaking the chapters in Rescue. Something wasn’t right and Zared reminded me I needed to address it.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Focus! The time change kicked me something awful. It hadn’t been that bad in years.

The problem started on the morning of the switch. I was on the computer and realized it was nearly 2:00 a.m. So I started shutting things down. I noted the time was 1:59. I blinked, literally, and it was 3:00 a.m. I’d forgotten about the change. Now frantic, I rushed around the house changing clocks. Then, reality hit me. I don’t go to bed (or get sleepy) until around three. How was I going to go bed at that very minute when I wasn’t sleepy? So I sat down with a good book. It was after 4:30 before I actually went to bed. And that’s how my trouble with the time began. I spent a week fighting to sleep and then fighting to wake up. I didn’t get to the gym (too tired to go). I fell behind in my reading (didn’t feel like it). I shuffled through my days. I pray that’s behind me.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: My characters! I love Raevyn Stromberg. She’s an ‘anything but ordinary girl’ about to turn nineteen. She’s a misfit. In high school, she engaged in risky behavior wanting to be part of the ‘in’ crowd. Her family is anything but normal. When she learns the truth, her world is rocked. She starts to get in touch with the ‘badass’ inside herself.

I can’t help but love Cullen Loki. He’s a bad boy with seriously rough edges. He’s a judgmental bastard with drop dead looks. Cullen’s a loner and proud of it. He goes through women like a thirsty man would a six-pack. Emotions are his biggest issue. He doesn’t deal with them well.

Put a social misfit and a man hiding from his emotions together and what do you get? An unusual bond between a demon and a Lycan, destined to be together and dependent upon each other for survival.

Not your typical re-telling of a fairy tale.

That’s it for this week!

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