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A Character Redeemed: A Review of Rachael Brownell’s “Weakness” Description: “I set her down, place my hands on her cheeks and kiss her like it’s the last time I will ever be able to. I can hear our families talking in the background but I don’t really care. She will be my wife soon enough. She’s already carrying my children. She’s my entire world. I’ve felt an inner strength and an emotional weakness for her since the moment I laid eyes on her.” Ethan and Becca’s relationship has been far from easy. In the beginning, Ethan had to fight to be with her. After Brad moved to town, he had to fight to keep her. When he walked away he was sure that he lost her. Then Natalie died and he was given a second chance to prove his love to her. Now, Becca is pregnant. With twins! Can Becca and Ethan hold on to the love that they shared? Or will the one secret that Ethan has kept from Becca be the reason their relationship falls apart… for good this time? A lie by omission is still a lie. Ethan’s secret comes to light as the final chapter of their story is told through Ethan’s eyes. The real question is… Will Ethan and Becca find their happily ever after?

About the Author

7362131 Rachael Brownell was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she currently resides with her boyfriend and son. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University where she studied Advertising and Public Relations.

When she’s not working, building Lego’s or writing her next book, Rachael enjoys scrapbooking, photography, is learning to golf and is an avid reader.

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My Review

Weakness is Becca and Ethan’s story from his point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this installment from Rachael Brownell. It was a moving story which was touching and heartfelt.

I thank Brownell for this novella. It improved my opinion of Brad. After reading the last book, Unglued, I considered him to be a selfish jerk. Unfortunately, I had to agree with Ethan’s assessment of him.

I really appreciated the evolution of Becca, Ethan, and Brad. They progressed from high school into young adulthood. Their personalities changed as well. The three of them matured.

The best part of Weakness was learning how Becca and Ethan found their strength in each other. He turned out to be the best book boyfriend. Ethan’s handling of the “Brad situation” was priceless.

I was surprised to see how the two men in Becca’s life learned to co-exist. This book was the perfect ending to their story.

Rating: 5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up

(5 Hands=Excellent; 4 Hands=Pretty Good; 3 Hands=Good)

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