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My Writing Journey

It only sucks if that’s your attitude. Change your attitude and your outlook changes too. Let me finish this cup of coffee and start again.

 Isn’t that better? So, how was your weekend? We’re trying to stay on a good vibe. Only positive words. Let’s see how I did with last week’s writing…


*Work on revisions of Rescue, chapters 40 – 44. Done! Plus, I started working on the next batch of chapters.

*Finish Regress teasers. Done! I’ll be sharing all of these teasers during the ten days prior to the release of Regress

*Finish setting up Restore in Scrivener. I THINK I’m done. I need to start working on planning the chapters. This is the first time I’m really working with a definite planned plot. I used a loose one for A Demon’s Birthright and it worked. Since Restore is the third book in the trilogy, I feel I need to plan more carefully to tie up all loose ends.

*Write out my marketing/promotion plan. DONE!! I have a course of action I’m happy with. I have help with my cover reveal (COMING SOON) and I’ll have a review tour. 

Let’s all do the happy dance!


*Finish work on Rescue revisions. I have three more sessions with my critique partner for this novel, and then, it’s on to revising A Demon’s Birthright! I feel like another happy dance is needed. LOL!

*Start work on planning chapters for Restore. This rough draft is slated for May.


We were all past the point of return, each of us in trouble for different reasons.

Last week, I approved the cover for Regress. Up until that moment, my journey wasn’t tangible. Sure, I had a manuscript, but they are words on paper (or a computer screen). The cover cemented it. Made it real. Seeing my name across the gorgeous picture increased my heart rate. Soon my manuscript will put on its coat, leave home, and deal with the world. Will people treat it kindly? Or will they rip its heart out, drain it dry, and leave it in the gutter to die? Only time will tell.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: SLEEP! I’ve been dealing with insomnia, off and on, for years. I blame it on a silly, native California bird who would show up at 1 a.m. every morning. The thing would sit on a branch and tweet-tweet-tweet all morning long. Come sun up it would shut up. I got to the point I anticipated its return. Signs of fibromyalgia presented themselves at the time as well. Over the years the insomnia goes back into its little cave and makes appearances from time to time. Usually it’s no more than a difficulty to fall quickly to sleep or stay asleep. I’ve had three nights of not being able to sleep before nearly 5 a.m. We’re talking a good two hours of staring at the ceiling. I’ve had plenty of suggestions offered. This week I’ll go back to step one and repeat things that used to work. Someone said it’s probably anxiety. Maybe once this book makes its debut, sleep will be easier….. A nice dream! [smile]

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: I love how the ending is making itself known. I haven’t drafted Restore, but the ideas are coming. The scenes are working themselves out in my mind. The possibilities are coming together. Questions are being asked and answered. The characters are still driving this one, but my muse is playing nicely. She’s letting them talk and she’s letting me plan. I like it when we can all play together without fighting.

That’s it for this week!

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