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Hearts in Stone Description: “Seventeen-year-old Ellie Whitewood dreams of being a doctor and giving back to the grandfather who raised her after the death of her parents. When she receives an inheritance from a reclusive aunt, she becomes the mistress of a sprawling manor.

Selling the property to pay for college seems like the answer to her prayers, but each day she grows more and more attached to the stone gargoyles adorning the manor rooftop.

After finding the Whitewood journals, she learns she is the latest in a line of Caretakers who, with her Sentinels, defends the world from evil. While she is drawn to her Sentinel, Gabriel, and her new life, her future isn’t written in stone.

Haunted by dark dreams and facing deadly enemies, is she willing to sacrifice her well-laid plans and accept her new callingeven if it comes with wings and sharp teeth.”

About the Author

Paulette (P.M.) Hernandez is a young adult paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy author. She is a self-proclaimed nerd. She wears a lot of black, not because she’s cool but because she’s fashion-challenged. She has been known to fangirl all over the freaking place.

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My Review

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Flesh and Stone” by P.M. Hernandez surprised me. I was on the fence about whether I liked the story. Midway into the novel, however, there was more dialogue and I got a feel for the characters.

My favorite character was Sam, the household chef. He was wise and became the much-needed father figure and voice of reason Ellie, the main character, needed.

In the beginning, I had no love for Ellie. She seemed ungrateful regarding her inheritance. Ellie had this life plan, which she didn’t want to deviate from. Her idea for selling the estate was admirable. In retrospect, it made sense. She wasn’t attached to the property, so why should she keep it.

My opinion of Ellie began to change once she met the gargoyles. She demonstrated that she could be concerned for someone other than herself. Now she was a likable persona.

My favorite gargoyle was Gabriel. I couldn’t decide whether he was a victim of instalove or was it just a happy outcome after all of Ellie’s late night conversations on the roof.

I loved the story premise. It was an interesting take on good vs. evil with paranormal characters I’ve rarely read about. I immediately thought of the cartoon, “Gargoyles”. It was one of my daughter’s favorite shows. Thanks P.M. Hernandez for bringing back a happy memory.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series!

Rating: 5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up

(5 Hands=Excellent; 4 Hands=Pretty Good; 3 Hands=Good)

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