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Finding the Right Love: A Review of Rachael Brownell’s “Unglued” Description: “‘Look in your heart Becca and tell me that you don’t love me and I will walk away but I need for you to say the words cuz I know that deep down you love me as much as I love you .’

Becca’s life has always been complicated when it’s come to choosing between the love of her life and her best friend. Her decision was simple in the end: she chose to keep them both in her life. That is, until Ethan is offered a job on another continent. Does Becca move on in her life with Ethan or is she unable to give up Brad once and for all? The decision is made for her but once she realizes that the wrong decision was made she attempts to right it.

Then tragedy strikes close to home. Will Becca finally realize who was meant to be standing by her side or will she come completely Unglued?”

About the Author


Rachael Brownell was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she currently resides with her boyfriend and son. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University, where she studied Advertising and Public Relations.

When she’s not working, building Lego’s or writing her next book, Rachael enjoys scrapbooking, photography, is learning to golf and is an avid reader.

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My Review

My emotions ran full circle in Rachael Brownell’s Unglued–happiness, anger, sadness, and back to happiness.

So much happens in this installment of the Holding On series. Becca, Ethan, and Brad are no longer in high school. They are now young adults sharing a house in college. The three of them had a lot of growing up to do in Unglued, some did a better job than others.

The love triangle created by Brownell was different than most of them I’ve read. This time both of the males were so undeniably in love with the girl. The twist was each character was aware of how everyone felt. It didn’t matter if someone denied the obvious, they all knew.

In Unglued, Brownell shows us that not every instance of deep, intense love is the right love. This was the overwhelming problem throughout the book. Becca loved Ethan. Becca loved Brad. Ethan loved Becca. Brad loved Becca. But which love was the right one for Becca? Ethan? Brad? Well, according to Brownell the right love comes from the person who holds your heart and can shatter it. It’s the romantic love, the love you can’t seem to live without. Wow…

Readers get to know two more characters from Becca’s world in Unglued, Natalie and Morgan. Advanced warning… Secure yourself a box of tissues. You may not be a crier, but you might come down with a sudden case of the sniffles.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this installment by Brownell. The overwhelming lesson, or takeaway, is that life is short and so precious. You have to value and keep close to those you love. There are no guarantees of how much time you get to express that love. Cherish it well.

I highly recommend Unglued by Rachael Brownell. Look for another review of the Holding On series next week.

Rating: 5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up5-hands-up

(5 Hands=Excellent; 4 Hands=Pretty Good; 3 Hands=Good)


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