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If only…. Happy Monday! Time to start another week.

My weekend was busy. I plotted Restore: The Alliance Chronicles Book Three and started plugging in information in Scrivener (my prize for taking second place in the dystopian short story contest). I got some reading done. I also worked on revisions for Rescue. Let’s see how my projections went…


*Finish reading Regress. This is a must do! Done! Finished on Friday. The read-through was a good thing. I found areas that I needed to tighten, etc. Pulled out pages of possible teasers. I even played with creating a few.

Hall teaser

Rusted Relic Teaser

Lobby Teaser

*Work on revisions of Rescue, chapters 30-34. Done! Critique partner has the pages.

*Tackle some author business items–newsletter, contacting bloggers, etc. Newsletter was sent out along with a request for reviewers (I still have two more ARCs if there are any bloggers reading this.) I will be generating a list of bloggers to contact shortly.


*Work on revisions of Rescue, chapters 35- 39.

*Finish setting up Scrivener for Restore.

*Work on teasers for Regress.

*Add to my 30-ish challenge. I have ideas for the female lead.

3) A FAVORITE LINE OR PASSAGE FROM MY STORY THAT SUMS UP WHAT I WROTE/REVISED: This is from a conversation with Zared and Ko (it’s Zared’s dialogue).

“Ash was honest about his feelings. Hell, he didn’t have to tell me about what happened with Griffin, but he did. Have you been honest about anything?”

Honesty in writing… Being true to yourself. That’s the takeaway. As a writer, you have to write those things that you believe in, those things that you would want to read yourself. It’s the reason why I am indie publishing this series. If you listen to the press, traditional publishers (and literary agents) aren’t looking for the next dystopian story nor trilogy. They claim it’s not what’s selling. Maybe they don’t go to the bookstores or troll the e-books on Amazon. Maybe they don’t go to the movies either. People are still reading these stories. People like staying with a character for longer than one book.

What upsets people, in my opinion, is when a trilogy is published one book at a time and the follow up book comes years later. Some people don’t even like to wait months. As long as there are people wanting dystopia and science fiction, I’ll write it. Why? Because it makes me happy and I’m being true to me.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Juggling! I was trying to read through Regress, revise Rescue, and read a couple of ARCs. Before anyone asks why, I have to say I like having multiple projects. I get bored easily. If I have more than one thing going, my brain stays active and I’m challenged. It doesn’t help that my mind wants to get back to my urban fantasy. If I hadn’t written the rough draft for Anarchy, I would be revising Demon’s Birthright now. I’m anticipating completing revisions for Rescue next month and will start revising DB. I just need to hang in there and finish with the ‘balls’ in the air.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: I love the character development. Last night while I was going over my notes, I looked at the character arcs. Tru does some major changing throughout the series. Zared’s growth is minimal. Ko does some changing as well. The only character who stays constant is Asher. He’s the support person. If you need a helping hand, call him.

That’s it for this week!

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