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It’s Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was freezing–unseasonably cold in Atlanta. Weather forecasters claim we have a warm up coming. We shall see…

Let’s see how I did with last week’s forecasts.


*Wrap up Regress! It needs to get out of my hot little hands and head to its next destination. Almost there…I think. Is it ever completed? I still need to read it through one more time and then it’s off to the formatter. I’ll be choosing one this week.

*Continue working on novella. My new goal is 17K. Didn’t touch it. 


I was busy with revisions on…

*Work on revisions for Rescue. Still working. I did a lot of work here. I shortened a few too long chapters. I did some rewrites on chapters.


*Finish reading Regress.

*Select formatter.

*Work on novella.

*Work on revisions for Rescue.

3) A FAVORITE LINE OR PASSAGE FROM MY STORY THAT SUMS UP WHAT I WROTE/REVISED: [thoughts from Tru] Want to know the best recipe for tormenting a person? First, kill off their family, not figuratively. Second, kill the person who makes their soul sing. Third, leave them to rot in a pool of their memories—unspoken words and hugs never shared.

Torment is what my manuscripts did over the last week. They reminded me of what I had to finish–editing, revising, reading, writing. What did I do first? How did I motivate myself to get it all done?

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Self-doubt. I found out my zombie short story made the finals of Eve Arroyo’s Dystopian contest. I posted to social media, sat back, and waited to count the votes. At first, I had plenty of votes and was tied for second. By the end of the same day, I was hanging in third place. Imposter syndrome hit big time. My husband had to remind me that I needed to reach out deeper, send personal messages to friends and family. I did that plus I contacted my high school alumni. The numbers moved up. I actually got compliments on the story. The self-doubt slunk back into the box.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: It challenges my imagination and creativity. I wanted a way to introduce my characters and market the book ahead of its launch. I came up with something called Fireside Chats–interviews with the characters.

That’s it for this week!

Keep reading!

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