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Happy Blogiversary!


It’s my anniversary–my Blogiversary that is!

A year ago I wrote my first blog. The idea of sharing what I read with others excited me. For months I read and shared, read and shared. Then I got the idea of adding other things to the blog–book trailers, featured authors, a journal about my writing, promos….

As my content grew so did my following. Hitting 1,000 was a really big deal.

I appreciate each and every one of you who have followed me, shared a post, and even commented on one. Followers, like readers to authors, are a necessity for bloggers. Otherwise, we’re just posting to see our words in print. Without the following we might as well get out an old-fashioned diary and write our thoughts in it.

2016 promises to be an exciting year for me. There are big things planned, including the release of my first novel and two short stories in two anthologies by The Debut Collective.

I ask that you keep following to see what all the new year has in store. I’m working on something that I will be announcing soon (first to subscribers of my newsletter–click here to subscribe).

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