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How was your weekend? Mine was okay until pain attacked my sinuses. I spent most of Sunday night curled up in a ball. Even went to bed at a decent time. Today? My face still hurts and the headache hasn’t gone away. Well, enough of that. Let’s see how I did with my writing goals last week.


*Finalize “The RELICs Experiment” … Due Dec. 1st for a short story contest. Submitted.

*Finalize “Cursed Hearts” and finish revision on “Ever After” for The Debut Collective anthologies… due Dec. 15th. Submitted.

*Finalize “Sweetest Bite” for anthology consideration… due Dec. 1 – Jan. 31. Submitted.

*Time permitting…start edits on manuscript. Done.



*Work on revising the rough draft for Rescue: The Alliance Chronicles Book Two. 

3) A FAVORITE LINE FROM MY STORY OR ONE WORD/PHRASE THAT SUMS UP WHAT I WROTE/REVISED: [from Rescue] (Tru and Zared finally have a moment alone. Tru is reflecting on the emotional kiss with Zared.) Our love was an intertwining of two hearts beating as one. A consecration of souls.

4) THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Self-doubt. That moment when you wonder if you’re any good at what you’re doing. The UtopiaCon short story contest was that moment and it colored the rest of my week. It didn’t matter that I only took a day to write it and didn’t show to any of my critique partners for feedback. I basically turned in ‘C’ quality work and expected ‘A’ quality results. I hadn’t planned on doing the contest. I jumped on board when I saw the post. I didn’t even consider the fact that all FOUR of my short stories I submitted were rewritten numerous times and was seen at least four times each by someone else. Lesson learned? Yes. I’ll spend some serious time reworking that short story, put it on a shelf, and bring it out again for another purpose. It won’t be abandoned entirely. But, it will see some major revisions.

5) SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: (Rescue)… The characters! I actually missed spending time with Tru and Zared. I suppose that’s something only another writer would understand. Remember, I spent a year with those two in creating Regress. Although I enjoyed the time I spent working on my urban fantasy with some great characters, I missed the two which started my writing journey.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Remember, life’s short and there are NO guarantees. Embrace it and enjoy yourself! Have a great week!

Keep reading. Keep following.

Stay tuned… There are some big changes coming to this blog!


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