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A Puzzle of an Artifact: A Review of “Supernatural Chronicles: The Skinwalkers” by Lila Felix Description: “To walk between bodies, between species, between all races of humans–such is the life of a Skinwalker. Ahote, the son of the Great One is preparing to take his father’s place, to become ruler of those who move between the skins of his kind. That is until a letter is tacked to his door, a calling from The Noir–a letter whose blood-soaked words command obedience. Along with his life mate, Jaci, Ahote must find the voodoo priestess in the hopes that she hold the answers. Or, if the letter is correct, the veil between life and death will be torn, leaving the world open to creatures more vile than he.”

About the Author

I am a stay at home mom from the South and wife to the most giving and hard working husband ever.  I love to cook and try out new recipes even if they don’t always turn out like I want them to.  I refer to my kids lovingly as the Three Stooges as they are constantly coming up with new ways to reek havoc in the house.  Most recently that included putting a rubberband on the kitchen sink sprayer so it would douse me when I did the dishes.  I love to go to roller derby bouts and read in my spare time.  I write mostly at night when the house is silent and I can sneak cookies without having to share!  If you’re into stalking, try under the Cypress trees in the swamps of Louisiana, but watch out for gators!!

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My Review

Supernatural Chronicles: The Skinwalkers is the third story I’ve read by Lila Felix, and once again I loved it!

Felix has such a way with words. The language made me fall in love with the tale of Ahote, a soon-to-be Alpha Skinwalker. The words she used were so imaginative for commonplace locations, people, etc. For instance, “shaken and stirred crowd” (bar patrons), “underbelly of life” (swamp), “her voice was all hot chocolate and cookies” (warm and sweet), and “sludge on waders” (thick, dark coffee). Her words give me goosebumps. I aspire to such greatness.

As usual, I found Felix’s work well-written (despite some errors that missed editing) and well-researched. I checked all the locations mentioned in Skinwalkers just to see if they were real places. I even found an angel gracing a small tomb in the New Orleans Cemetery.

The characters were memorable in this novella. I loved Hamni. She was so raw and earthy. Her resentment rang clear along with her concern for Ahote. Jaci was the loving mate with backbone and a ‘fear nothing’ attitude. And, Ahote was the young man struggling with solving a riddle while adhering to traditions. He was an admirable character whom I want to know more about.

Skinwalkers is an original, great story! I loved the concept of finding the pieces of a relic and solving a puzzle. Can’t wait to read the next novella. I’m not giving away the clue….

Rating: 5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up

(5 Hands=Excellent; 4 Hands=Pretty Good; 3 Hands=Good)

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