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A Darned Good Read: A Review of Laura Thalassa’s “The Damned” Description: “Taken. Whisked away to hell. Forever bound to a monstrous god. This is seventeen-year-old Gabrielle Fiori’s fate. It’s everything she’s ever feared, and it has all come to pass.

Only the devil isn’t the monster she remembers. At times he seems gentle and, most unnerving of all, she’s drawn to him. He wants her for all eternity, and if she gives in, everything he has to offer can be hers. The only cost? The last of her soul—and her humanity.

By a twist of myth, Gabrielle finds herself back on earth from dusk to dawn. Back where the living breathe, where Andre de Leon, the king of vampires and her former soulmate, await her. Yet she can’t help but feel that something’s wrong. She’s wrong. Her blood seeds demons and her powers can move earth and air and all manner of creation.

Now angels flood the skies, gods and demons are made flesh. A battle between good and evil is erupting, and if Gabrielle wants to escape hell and save the world, she’ll need to end it, once and for all.”

About the Author

Born and raised in Fresno, California, Laura Thalassa spent her childhood cooking up fantastic tales with her best friend. Lucky for her overactive imagination, she also happened to love writing. She now spends her days penning everything from paranormal romance to young adult novels.

Laura Thalassa lives in sunny Santa Barbara, California with her husband, author Dan Rix.

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My Review

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Normally, I do not start reading a series by reading the last book in the series. It’s akin to walking in 50 minutes into a 2 hour movie and asking what happened. (If you’re one of those people, just stop.) Sometimes, series have standalone books and you can read out of sequence. That’s not the case with Laura Thalassa’s The Damned. That being said, however, I did read it without reading the others.

The Damned was friggin’ amazing! I hadn’t meant to read it out of order. I was just going to browse the first page and check out how many words in the book. I was so hooked from the first page that I couldn’t stop reading.

This is the second book I’ve read by Thalassa. I just love her style. This book blew my mind! I laughed, I gasped, and I couldn’t unglue my eyes from the words. It was so imaginative and well-written (of course, we’re talking Laura Thalassa!).

It was obvious to me that this book was researched quite well. Details stood out that weren’t just a by-product of an active imagination. I do wonder how she came up with such a creepy description of hell…

Speaking of hell… Her imagery was downright awesome. Her picture of hell wasn’t just creepy. It bordered on frightening. And, the things that happened there…. I’m at a loss for how to describe them. I had images burned in my head for a few days after the last page of The Damned.

Thalassa’s understanding and development of the man himself (Asiri) was excellent. She created a character which encompassed nearly everything I’d ever read about the first fallen angel. But, she made him real on the page. Thalassa associated emotions with Asiri which other people might not have imagined–love, hurt, pain (his and not someone else’s), sorrow. That’s creative! I aspire to that level of creativity.

Naturally, I missed the details by reading the last book first. I wondered what the characters and locations looked like. I didn’t have the understanding of previous events. But, the story was so well done, I was able to piece together things quickly without taking away from this book.

I loved the premise of The Damned, which was hope in a world surrounded by darkness and deception. I appreciated the characters she created and the outcome Thalassa gave them. It seemed very fitting giving the turmoil the main characters experienced.

I highly recommend reading this book AFTER you’ve read books one through four. I have my copy of the first book and will re-read The Damned in the proper order.

Rating: 5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up

(5 Hands=Excellent; 4 Hands=Pretty Good; 3 Hands=Good)

The Unearthly Series Books One through Four:


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