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Suzanna Lynn’s “The Queen” Blog Tour!

Title: The Queen 
Author: Suzanna Lynn
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Tensions are high. While King Ashmur lies on his deathbed, the evil Lord Cadman coerces Mirstone into declaring war on Grasmere and they’re not alone in their malevolent intensions. An evil lurks in the land that threatens to destroy everything in its wake.
While Baylin readies the Kingdom, Luana discovers a secret about her past that makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself.
All Luana and Baylin wish for is to be safe and happy together. However, constant struggles make it seem as though contentment is impossible. Trials and tribulations strain the delicate core of their relationship.
Will war finally succeed in tearing the lovers apart? Will Luana and Baylin’s bond be able to

withstand the hidden secrets, betrayal and warfare?


The Queen  was an excellent ending to the Bed Wife Chronicles! Lynn spun a serious twist in the plot with book three. I suspected it, but wasn’t completely certain.
Lynn’s third book had me holding my breath with worry for the fate of the characters which has to be a strong indicator of how much I loved these characters. I’ve said that sometimes I like a good contemporary romance to ‘cleanse my palate’ after reading all the creepiness and post-apocalyptic mayhem. Well, what do I use to get over Lynn’s books? I was left with a serious hangover in between each book. The Queen was no different.
As I said in my review of The Heir–great villains! I’m coming to the conclusion that the best villains are the ones you least expect because they’re hiding amongst those people who are supposed to love you (hint….family). Does that make me really twisted as a writer? (We shall see…)
I found more characters to love in The Queen–Ferric, Faylen, and Queen Valasca. All three of them were strong individuals. I admired them and applauded their individual acts of bravery. Lynn, if you’re reading this, please give them their own platforms to speak! I’d love to read them.
Overall, The Queen, is a well-worthy read. Even if you don’t care for historical romances, you’ll love this book (and all of The Bed Wife Chronicles). Lynn’s wonderful attention to crafting a story won’t disappoint you!
I look forward to reading more by Suzanna Lynn!

Rating: 5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up5 hands up

(5 Hands=Excellent; 4 Hands=Pretty Good; 3 Hands=Good)

Author Suzanna Lynn is a full-time mom of three beautiful, energetic children and lives with her husband and children in a small town nestled in the deep rolling hills of Missouri. 
Growing up in the Ozarks, as a child Suzanna spent her days wandered the fields and woods surrounding her home. She would imagine them to be filled with fairies, dragons, and all number of creatures. 
Having not lost her childhood imagination, Suzanna has written numerous poems, songs and short stories that have won various awards. However, in 2014 she decided to stop wishing she could write a book, and made the dream a reality.
She is the author of ‘The Bed Wife Chronicles’ series. She also has three other books in the works.

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