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My Writing Journey!

It’s Monday…Everybody dance now!

How was your weekend? If you went to my two night Facebook party, you might be a tad on the tired side or you’re still partying.

Party? Yes, my first ever “Embrace the Darkness” Two Night Paranormal Event was epic! I was amazed at how it turned out. Future parties? Of course. I’ll be talking about another party for spring…keep reading.

Let’s see how I did on last week’s goals:

*Continue work on rough draft for second WIP. Still working. Added another 2K. This will be my last week to work on it before starting NaNoWriMo.

*Chat with my critique partner about my short story. Very productive chat. I split the story in half so we could focus in-depth. Rewrote a scene or two and resubmitted for this week’s chat.

*Finish character sketches. I have seven to complete. Finished all the major characters. I have the minor characters to complete–another four more sketches.

*I’m toying around with entering a short story contest. It’s for Dystopian fiction. I’m going to see about expanding the zombie piece I wrote as a writing prompt. Planned out the short story tentatively titled, “The Relics Experiment”. So, I have a working outline.


*Finish work on rough draft for second WIP.

*Chat with my critique partner about my short story.

*Finish character sketches.

*Finish plan for NaNoWriMo.

3. A FAVORITE LINE FROM MY STORY OR ONE WORD/PHRASE THAT SUMS UP WHAT I WROTE/REVISED: I enjoy writing a bit on the dark side….(from my vampire fic short story) The main female character just killed her first victim–

This man fought for our country, returned safely home, and I took his life. My eyes watered. I did nothing to stop the tears from falling. I was hideous. A monster.

4. THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I FACED LAST WEEK: Writing and preparing for my Facebook event. Lesson learned: I might need an assistant to pull off another big event.

5. SOMETHING I LOVE ABOUT MY WIP: My rough draft of my second book keeps evolving. There was a loose end I needed to tie up and it’s evolved to possibly a novella after the third book.

Well, that’s this week’s update. Remember, life’s short and there are NO guarantees. Embrace it and enjoy yourself! Have a great week!

Keep reading. Keep following.

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