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Keep Your Dream Alive!

If you are pursuing your dreams by following the path less traveled, I’m sure you’ve heard well-meaning people say, ‘when are you getting a real job’. By real job it’s meant, ‘a job that has a predetermined start and finish time where you’re expected to perform certain tasks for a meager reward’. Yes, that is utterly simplistic, but if you’re on the path, you get it. Painfully, you get it.

You see, those very people spouting those words watch tv and movies, they read, they listen to music, they take yoga classes or Pilates classes or have a personal trainer, they enjoy the theatre or even operas, they enjoy art. In their spare time, they enjoy the fruits of our labor. But, somehow, magically I suppose, they figure these things are done while we perform traditional jobs. Sometimes that’s true. I know some very productive people who maintain a ‘traditional’ job and still turn out fabulous creative endeavors in their spare time. That’s not the case for everyone.

And, unfortunately, it’s a case common in our country. We measure a person’s worth based on their income. We don’t consider a person to have any value unless they’re busting their hump at a job they may actually loathe. Why is that? Do we Americans not realize that all dreams require effort? Would Rembrandt have been as successful if he had to paint and create etchings after slaving in his father’s bakery all day? Would Mozart have turned out great sonatas if he had to spend his day as a street sweeper?

That isn’t to say that all people pursuing their dreams are destined for Rembrandt or Mozart greatness. I’m merely saying don’t pass judgment. Don’t condemn everyone to a routine existence just because you don’t want to embrace their dreams, their goals, their hopes. For without something to strive for, our lives become mundane. And, if you’re a creative type, that’s death. Pure and simple.

Remember somebody wrote the script for that favorite tv show or movie. Remember somebody wrote the words over and over again to produce a book you love to discuss at your book clubs. Remember somebody wrote the lyrics and the music to those songs you blast in your car and sing off tune in the shower. Remember somebody put paint on canvas or captured the perfect image in a photograph. Those things you enjoy and take for granted were created by somebody. Even, those yoga positions you’re forcing your body into required someone to learn them and teach them to you. Those things were done with love and devotion. Don’t kill someone’s dream by asking them to put it aside to embrace a life you can relate to. If you can’t support the dreamer nor their ideas, talk about the weather (or some other insignificant topic).

Oh, and if you are a dreamer and you’re pursuing your dreams, be ceaseless (that’s for you BJ Sheldon). Don’t stop until you succeed. Don’t let the meanderings of the masses tear you down. Be you. Do what you do best.

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