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“Two years after her brother Nate died during a Navy operation, aquator Nautia Olson’s nightmares began, and her ability to manipulate water became erratic. Anger, fear, joy, desire—they all trigger disaster.

Now, the Navy wants her for a top-secret mission, but Captain Riley Barton has his reservations. He’s read her file. He knows the damage she’s capable of, and yet—

She’s powerful.

If he can harness her ability—break through her walls—

She’ll be unstoppable.”

Coming OCTOBER 22, 2015!

I first read this as a short story in the Beneath the Cape anthology! When I found out it was going to be a full length book, I was so delighted! I might have to jungle around some things, but this book is getting read as soon as I can get my hot little hands on it! That one and……

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m off to do some writing of my own.

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