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Giveaway: 2-Day Exhibitor + Signing 1/2 Table for UtopiaCon 2016

Utopia is offering an awesome giveaway. The official blogger, A Little Bit of R & R, is hosting it on her page click here to enter giveaway.

Here’s the info:

Exhibitor space is great for:

  • authors
  • publishers
  • agents
  • editors
  • photographers
  • book cover designers
  • web designers
  • PR firms
  • crafters — jewelry, apparel, art, etc.
  • Any service or business that would benefit from the enthusiastic reading and writing community of young adult and new adult books and films.

Each HALF Table includes ONE chair = ONE Admission ticket. Admission includes access to conference Wed, June 22 – Sun, June 26: welcome bag keynote speeches, panels, exhibitor hall, karaoke, pre-awards happy hour, the Fifth Annual Utopia Awards, post-awards dance party and signing events. Does NOT include: Mastery Workshops, apparel, lunches.

  • You may sell merchandise & giveaway swag — “MERCHANDISE” INCLUDES BOOKS.
  • Exhibitor Widget/Badge for your web site
  • Featured in official utopYA 2015 informational materials, either online or in print.
  • Volunteer help to load-in, load-out
  • Promotion in social media posts

The tables are 6′ long / 30″ wide / 3′ tall. You will have half of that table.


A person/business selling or offering to sell new merchandise to the public on temporary premises and does not have a permanent, fixed location in Tennessee where the business is conducted is considered a transient vendor. A transient vendor can be both a Tennessee resident or an out of Tennessee resident. Prior to the event date, a transient vendor is required to obtain a 14-day permit from this office to conduct business in this county and/or city. If the permit expires prior to the scheduled ending date, then a new permit must be obtained for an additional 14 days. If the temporary site is located in the Urban Services District (USD) Millennium Maxwell House Hotel is in the Urban Services District, then the permit fee is $112.00. If located in the General Services District (GSD), the permit fee is $57.00. For additional information please contact (615) 862-6254 extension 77150.

Application for Transient Vendor License

Examples of businesses requiring a transient vendor license are: Convention show booth tenants where products are sold; seminars where products are sold; out of state parades or special event participants.

utopYA, LLC recommends obtaining one. If you decide not to get one, you do so at your own risk. utopYA, LLC and the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel are not liable in the unlikely occurrence that we are visited by “the man.”

This is truly a great contest! Make sure to enter today! I’ve already done so.

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