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A Cause Worth Fighting For…Utopia 2016

If you’ve been following me regularly, you know how much I enjoyed going to UtopYA Con 2015.

Utopia 2016 needs our help. The cost for putting on an event this size and caliber is not small, and I’ve recently found out that it’s been given a monumental shove along the way (twice, actually) in order to survive. If you want more details about what happened, check out what the creator Janet Wallace said about what authors Amy Evans & Heather Hildenbrand are doing. Click here to see what’s happening.

Here’s the thing: this fundraising campaign isn’t run by Janet, nor is it for her. It’s for the people who cherish the Utopia conference and want to see it thrive.

Amy and Heather have created a Go Fund Me campaign to help raise funds for future Utopia Cons. This is where you come in.

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You may not have heard of Utopia yet. Perhaps you have. But give it a look and listen to how it touches lives.

Please consider donating to the campaign (to get killer bonuses, including some which I’ve donated) and sharing the campaign with others.

100% of proceeds go to fund the future of Utopia, a very worthy cause.

Seriously, the bonuses kick ass. Even a $5 donation will get you 5 ebooks. PLEASE consider sharing.

Keep reading. Keep following.

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