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The Debut Collective 5 Book Anthology


Ever been inspired to write because of a book or a convention? Over 50 authors, designers, formatters, and editors have been so inspired by UTOPiA Con, they have come together to create a 5 Book Anthology! Born out of the Facebook group The Debut Collective, the 5 Book Anthology will include 15 stories each, showcasing the talents of some amazing writers and artists that I’m excited to be a part of! I will have TWO stories in the anthology!

Because the development of this project is solely volunteer based, all proceeds generated from ebook and online print sales will be used for production and marketing, with any remaining funds going to a literacy charity.

There’s more info on the Debut Collective site, check it out!


Twitter: @DebutCollective

Want to help fund this project? You can! Just go to and pledge any amount. Your contribution will help to pay for convention table space, marketing, print publication costs like ISBN#’s and more!

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