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I Made It To UtopYA Con!!!

I made it to Nashville! Woohoo! I am so happy and thrilled to be here! I have met some really great people. My roommates are fabulous! And, I’ve made some purchases already. I’ll be sharing these with you soon.

First, the authors…..oh, the authors I’ve met. What a great group of women! So far, I have spoken to Chelsea Fine (love ya!), Emily Wade (Go Blue!), Corinne O’Flynn (you’re funny!), Rose Garcia (a great personality), Morgan Faufaw (a person to know for sure!), Eva Pohler (she sparkles), Bella Roccaforte (just awesome), Denise Grover-Swank (my kindred spirit) and Jo Michaels (I love this girl!). If I didn’t mention you, I apologize! I’ll mention you in the next post. Promise.

Stacey Marie Brown, The Darkness Series and The Barrier Between Series.

Stacey Marie Brown, The Darkness Series and The Barrier Between Series.

I had to find my fan girl crush, Stacey Marie Brown! If you haven’t read her books, what are you waiting for? Go to my archives and look up my reviews! She inspired me to work on my second work in progress (WIP), a paranormal adventure.

It was my pleasure to meet Heather Sunseri and her daughter Maggie.

Heather Sunseri, Mindspeak Series and the Emerge Series.

Heather Sunseri, Mindspeak Series and the Emerge Series.

I’ve been following Heather for a little while now. I’m a member of her street team. I haven’t read the Mindspeak series yet. But, I have read Emerge. Check out my review in the archives. It’s an excellent book and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Heather’s daughter, Maggie, is also an author. Her book is on my TBR! 

Not only can the authors in attendance write. They give excellent, informative talks.

20150618_105855 Amy Bartol and Marissa Meyers

C.J. Redwine and Helene Dunbar  20150618_105900

And, when they’re not signing books or giving talks, these wonderful people just like to have a good time!

20150618_135709 Mary Ting, Cameo Renae, Cambria Hebert and Venessa Kimball.

I have more pictures to share with you all. Unfortunately, the hotel’s wifi signal is extremely slow. I’ll try to post more either tomorrow or when I return to the Atlanta area.

The best part of the trip so far was last night. Nadege Richards came up to me and said she knew me. I was shocked. She recognized my face from my online presence! Awesome!!

Keep reading! Keep following!

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