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Book Recommendations from My TBR

Who doesn’t love getting more books? No one, right.

I attended the first ever Publish15 sponsored by BookLogix and a vast array of other writer resources. I had a great time! Very informative. The icing on the cake was the book giveaways. I scored two books: Description: “The radically new lifestyle of the Alternation of Generation world has more flaws than it may seem. A young woman named Mira Cobbleson has awoken for the first time in her new “body” with a feeling of unease. The Fisk, the city she is assigned to, seems too perfect to be real, but can it be any worse than the overcrowded cities and cramped apartments of life before the Shift? She stumbles upon others who feel it is worse, and they want to escape. Mira joins forces with them, and, together, they work to find a way to freedom—but their plan may be as flawed as the city they are trapped in.” Description: “Cedric wanted to dream of being a normal seventeen-year-old boy, but instead each night he is forced to walk through others’ dreams-and nightmares. Moving from one place to the next with the only family he has ever known, he finds himself in Savannah, Georgia. His responsibility has always been to stay invisible, which becomes complicated when he meets a girl with an even more electrifying life than his own. Questioning his existence, he learns of his birthplace, Initium. The city of Initium is a secret government project that contains a utopian society that has evolved without the help of Mother Nature. Cedric finds that for every answer he receives, there are only more questions. He isn’t sure if he has time to learn about history’s best-kept secret before the known world is destroyed in the secret city’s quest to control the future. “

Anyone a fan of fantasy?

I didn’t pick up these books, but I know the authors. The stories are interesting and should be added to your must read list!

A.R. Cook Description: “Cervera, Spain, 1852. David Sandoval is a sixteen-year-old genius on many different subjects, yet he is more content studying than becoming close with family or friends. He accepts an apprenticeship offer from a French architect, and while on his travels to Paris, a foolhardy decision on his part gets him abducted by a gypsy caravan owned by a living Grecian sphinx. The sphinx, seemingly intrigued by the fearless young man, takes him through the Curtain, the gateway between our world and the worlds of the unseen, where many creatures of myth and legend reside. When David attempts to escape back through the Curtain to the human world, he learns a dark secret: a Shade, an extension of the shadowy Night Goddess Nyx, is slowly draining the sphinx of her most precious talents. Can one normal boy truly undo the inflictions of a goddess, and rescue both the seen and unseen worlds from her dark intentions?” Description: “Two years after saving Acacia, the last living sphinx, from the night goddess Nyx, David Sandoval is happily married and settled down to a quiet life in Paris. But soon new monsters are after him from the other side of the Curtain, which separates the human world from the world of myth and legend. David discovers that a world-devouring creature, Fenrir, has broken free of his prison and is hunting Acacia for something she possesses and if he gets it, he can finally fulfill his fate to consume all existence. Reluctantly leaving behind his loving wife, David heads off in search of Acacia and his friend Gullin, the Master Huntsman who is trained to slay the most dangerous beasts ever known. But there is great evil afoot. Madness itself wants to claim David, for what purpose, no one knows. And there is rumor than an old adversary has returned, quite different from the last time David and Acacia saw him… Those enemies are nothing, however, compared to the new incarnation of Nyx, whose desire for the most prized gift of all Fenrir s ability to destroy any world will make him stop at nothing to attain it. The new god also knows what to do to ensure David will not interfere with his plans, as the young man did with the previous Night goddess. Old friends and new allies band together in this continuing adventure of the Scholar and the Sphinx, as both their worlds could soon come to an end.”

Jonathan P. French Description: “Airlann. The Source Isle of Magic. It is the Age of Autumn, the island locked in slow, beautiful death. Nine hundred years have passed since Jerrod II, last of the Goblin Kings, was assassinated by a child. After centuries of tyranny, the bloody days of human rule still haunt the long memories of the Fae. Their resplendent bastions have dwindled despite the peace, all but replaced by the superstitious squalor of mortal Man. The human peasantry cowers in remote villages, defending themselves with weapons of iron. The Red Caps, a fanatical army of goblins, have marshaled once more, intent on returning Jerrod’s tyrannical bloodline to power. Padric, a human farmhand and friend to the Fae, finds himself in the midst of the growing war. Rosheen, an alluring piskie and Padric’s lifelong friend, struggles to help him survive. They ally themselves with Deglan Loamtoes, a bigoted gnome herbalist, and Pocket, a changeling orphan fostered by the avian Knights of the Valiant Spur. Beset from all sides by vengeful skin-changers, bloodthirsty marauders and fire-crazed fanatics, these four wayfarers must discover the true identity of Jerrod’s long lost progeny before the goblins reawaken the genocidal soldiers of living iron known as the Forge Born. Can they lay aside their individual prejudices, reveal their long-held secrets, and work with those they distrust to prevent Airlann’s annihilation? Can they stand together to find and destroy the last scion of the Goblin Kings?” [Adult Fantasy] Description: “The Coburn. Rooster-Men of the Tin Isles. Proud and combative by nature, the coburn are an imposing race. The males, ever protective of their mates, fight to the death if threatened, especially against their own kind. Some, however, pursue a chaste life of chivalry and join the Valiant Spur, an order of coburn knights. Hopeful recruits must replace their drive to breed and covet with a will to serve, allowing only the most resolute to join the ranks of the Knights Errant. Bantam Flyn, hot-headed squire and wielder of the renowned sword Coalspur, yearns to be one of them. When Flyn returns to the ancestral stronghold of the Valiant Spur, he finds the castle under siege from within. Malevolent skin-changers, the gruagach, ruthlessly hunt a secret Flyn would die to keep. The swaggering warrior seeks unlikely allies, reinforcing his sharp steel with the keen mind of the castle’s awkward chronicler, Ingelbert Crane, and the incisive tongue of gnome herbalist, Deglan Loamtoes. Fleeing the reach of the gruagach, the trio become ensnared by a dwarven prophet who believes Flyn to be the foretold slayer of a primordial evil known as the Corpse Eater. Venturing into the unforgiving cold of Middangeard, the companions find themselves far from the Tin Isles and close to the history that shaped the very world. Hindered by giants, trolls, bands of berserkers, throngs of restless dead, and haunted by the howling phantoms of his own barbaric past, Flyn must face an ancient horror that threatens not only his life, but the fate of his entire race.” [Adult Fantasy]

Happy reading!

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