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UtopYA Con Prep: Sci Fi Reads

What’s your favorite genre to read? Yesterday, I learned that a lot of you share my love for paranormal. Sci Fi is next on my list. And, when you get a book that combines a little of both? Well….

I’m not one for books about aliens. I like tech and ways to pervert its use.

So, here are a few YA Science Fiction authors who will be at UtopYA Con. I’m checking them out. What’s stopping you?

Rysa Walker

Her Chronos series is about time travel…


Book 3: Time’s Divide due in October

E.R. Arroyo

She’s a writer of dystopian–the genre that started me reading young adult books!


Christina Benjamin

Another writer of dystopian


What great science fiction books have YOU read?

Tomorrow will round out my prep for UtopYA (I actually need to pack and attend a one day event over the weekend). How many of you like a good romance story? C’mon fess up! After reading a lot of paranormal and sci fi, I need a ‘palate cleanser’ from time to time. See who I’m planning to check out at the convention.

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