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UtopYA Prep: More of My Favorite YA/NA Authors

I wanted to share more of my favorite authors with you leading up to my attending the UtopYA Conference. These are my “go to writers”–those authors I’ll devour whatever they write.

  Sunniva Dee is a recent discovery for me. I just read  and was hooked. I’ve got the rest of her books on my TBR. If you’ve never read anything by her, pick up Adrenaline. You won’t be disappointed.

Another great author for me is Lauren Oliver. I fell in love with her Delirium series and quickly looked to see what else she’d written.  I love how she handles descriptions!

Next on my list is Marie Lu. Her Legend series floored me. If it gets optioned for film, I’ll be the first one at the theater. I was so impressed I picked up The Young Elites  without blinking. Not only is she a phenomenal writer but a great artist.

Another author/writer is Lori M. Lee  I’ve never been a big fan of the Fantasy genre. Lee’s writing made me a fan. Great details, wonderful characters, interesting plots…I’m looking forward to reading more from her.

Last, but not least on my short list is Tahereh Mafi I loved her Shatter Me series. I found it to be highly creative and daring. Her writing style is unconventional. I love writers who aren’t afraid to be different. Mafi’s next book isn’t due until 2016. I’m looking forward to it.

With the number of books on my TBR, there are sure to be additions to my Favorite author list. Over the next few days I’ll introduce you to some authors I plan on reading soon from that long list.

What authors are on your list of “go to writers”?

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